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Who We Are

Weed Center is an organization dedicated to cannabis and hemp education. We strongly believe in this wonderful plant and aspire to educate the public about its features and uses.

Upon browsing our site, you will find comprehensive cannabis and hemp strain review guides along with useful information related to the plant and its uses.

Weedcenter.org is an information resource and our content does not constitute or replace medical or legal advice. Always know the laws in your state and make sure to consult with a doctor before using marijuana or CBD based products.

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In-Depth Cannabis and CBD Strain Reviews

Weed Center is an extensive educational resource for strain-specific information and review guides. Our in-depth reviews will guide you through each strain, its effects and overall rating in the cannabis consumer sector. We strongly encourage feedback from our viewers so that we can keep improving our content.

Each of our educational strain reviews is jam-packed will valuable information. Some things you will learn in our guides includes but is not limited to:

-Properties (Taste, Smell & Appearance)
-Strain History &Lineage
-Cannabinoid Contents & Terpene Ratios
-Benefits & Effects
-Popularity & User-Ratings

The Weed Center Educational Blog

Keep up to date with cannabis/ hemp information and other industry news with our blog section. On our blog you will learn about cannabis and hemp general information, business & political news as well as select topics of interest to our readers. At Weedcenter.org we strive to offer only the most useful and beneficial content to our loyal readers.

The Weed Center Mission Statement

Weedcenter.org was created to offer useful and insightful information to those seeking cannabis and CBD-related information. There is a lot of misinformation in the cannabis and CBD sectors and our goal is to offer only the best unbiased reviews and guides. Offering to-the-point, unbiased reviews is something our content contributors strive for. Our team works incredibly hard to ensure that our content is valuable and useful to our readers.

With the amazing properties of the cannabis plant, offering the best strain specific information and guides is our only goal. Unlike other organizations, our team truly puts care and passion behind their editorial reviews of cannabis and hemp strains.

If at any time you have questions, comments or concerns about our content, please reach out to us here editor@weedcenter.org or contact@weedcenter.org