An In-Depth Review of the Acapulco Gold Strain

An In-Depth Review of the Acapulco Gold Strain

What do Jack Nicholson, Paul Ferrara, Carol Wayne, and former NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle in common? First, they are all celebrated personalities in their fields. Next, all of them seem to have some highest paychecks sometime in their careers. Lastly, these famous individuals love the Acapulco Gold cannabis strain.

According to cannabis written history, this unique weed hybrid came to the United States of America during the early 1960s, and these cannabis crops originated somewhere within the locality of Acapulco. These weed plants bear the signature green and (brownish) gold that can attract even non-cannabis users.

Based on some research, Acapulco Gold rolls and other related products are known for their overall “mind-blowing” high and effects. Nonetheless, when some promoters and smugglers tried to cultivate these weed crops outside the vicinity of Acapulco- the plants seemed to have a lesser degree of potency.

Some cannabis documents also asserted that the main reason why there has been a change from its original potency was because of the supply and demand principle that brought about overplanting to cater to the market per se. Since its commercial debut, this special cannabis breed is also branded for being expensive. However, this weed strain is also known for its general medicinal effectiveness. Nonetheless, some sources also assert that the exact details of its lineage and genetics are not really defined, and still considered to be hidden until this day.

Lineage, Genetics, and Family of the Acapulco Gold Cannabis Hybrid

  • Mexican landrace*
  • It is a Mexican Sativa (almost 80%)

Although technically speaking, its parents are not really defined as per some references.

Terpene Profile and the Flavor of the Acapulco Gold Weed Strain

  • Caryophyllene (peppery)
  • Limonene (citrus)
  • Myrcene (herbal)

Plant Structure and Potency of the Acapulco Gold Hybrid

  • 20% Indica, 80% Sativa (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is more or less 15 – 24%
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is around 1%

Maintaining Production and Supply: Grow Information of the Acapulco Gold Strain

  • Based on its origin, this celebrity cannabis hybrid can survive on a tropical outdoor setup.
  • These weed plants can take the heat since the original crops were exposed to high temperatures and lots of tropical sunshine as well. The middle of October should ideally harvest Acapulco Gold plants outside.
  • Since the seed of this unique strain is not easily accessible, there are lots of growers and planters who shifted to indoor gardening for overall efficiency. However, these indoor crops are tagged as ‘imitation’ of the novel plants of this superstar strain.
  • Indoor crops are expected to mature after almost two to three months (or around 70 to 75 days) and expect an average yield of approximately 16 ounces of buds and flowers.
  • An average of 19 ounces per plant is the conventional produce from weed crops planted in an outdoor garden.

Asking the Actual Users: On Reviews All About the Acapulco Gold Cannabis Breed

The smell, according to this online review, is the main reason why she gave it a perfect score of five-star rating. The overall taste and aroma- always making her day a good one. She convinced her husband to try it, and as soon as her husband made his first puff- her significant other described it like a chamomile-honey tea on break time, only with a unique high. Other than the high it provided; she furthermore expressed their satisfaction when she shared that their creative lovemaking process has been doubled.

Her brain was telling her to dance like crazy when she started her day with this cannabis strain. She still remembered the first time they had this weed hybrid. After ‘extended’ lovemaking and ‘sexcapades,’ her husband decided to watch Pineapple Express. The high they got from Acapulco Gold rolls, made her see the actors’ facial expressions pretty odd. For this reason, she had a laugh-trip moment while her husband was too focused on watching and understanding the cannabis-themed movie.

Another five-star online review asserted and revealed something intriguing about this cannabis strain. This experienced weed stoner expressed that if you are not impressed with ‘Acapulco Gold’ rolls, then those items are not Acapulco Gold. As per his experience, he advised his fellow cannabis users to look for stuff and rolls related to this unique strain from a crop batch that has been grown for more than two months.

He continued saying that this unique strain would get its celebrity status without its known benefits and whatnots. If a stoner is not impressed, then it is not Acapulco Gold at all. That simple assertion means as he ended his review- a cannabis user must be critical with their suppliers to make sure they are getting the right weed strain. For those who will be reading this online reaction, he promised that he would reply, and provide the information to get this gold-standard cannabis.

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