A Comprehensive Review of Agent Orange Weed

A Comprehensive Review of Agent Orange Weed 1

Though the name sounds juicy, fruity, kiddy, and innocent- history tells a whole different story of how the moniker ‘Agent Orange’ has been a notorious item way back some decades ago. Believe it or not, this speaking- a killer chemical that has been linked to congenital disabilities, cases of leukemia, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, skin diseases, and some illnesses-related to cancer for some Vietnamese populace. Though it was used some decade ago by the US Army against the Vietnamese guerilla military to gain the advantage- some more recent researches concluded that traces of this deadly biochemical weapon are still in the blood of some contemporary Vietnamese people.

Moving forward, do not be afraid; the Agent Orange Weed strain can be considered as a revolutionary and radical opposition to its namesake in terms of its overall effects. The cannabis people of MzJill Genetics created this cannabis strain, not to poison or dilute your system- but to overcome your senses with its orange essence and citrus appeal. Rather than being intimidated by the gruesome facts and history related to its moniker, you have to go on with the good stuff today and enjoy its cannabis counterpart just like a Christmas present.

This weed hybrid is also known as the ‘Agent O.’ This cannabis hybrid creates an elevating high directed cerebrally. For this reason, its effects are ideal to battle migraines, anxiety attacks, and feelings of depression. Though not recommended to alleviate chronic pain, the Agent Orange cannabis strain can be beneficial in curing temporary pains and aches. If you want to get some need push for some house chores and other daytime tasks- this is the best cannabis hybrid to consider since its high will subside after more or less 30 minutes.

Lethally High Genetics: On the Lineage and Family of the Agent Orange Weed Strain

  • Orange Velvet
  • Jack the Ripper

The Agent Orange Flavor and Essence: On Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene (herbal)
  • Terpinolene (fruity)
  • Pinene (pine)

The Impact of Plant Structure: The Potency of Agent Orange Cannabis Hybrid

  • 25% Indica, 75% Sativa (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 12-25%
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) more or less 0.2%

4 to 6 (out of 10) experienced cannabis users highly praised this cannabis hybrid for making them feel:

  • Euphoric
  • Energetic
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted
  • Happy

Instances of anxiety attacks, events of dizziness, episodes of paranoia, having dry or red eyes, and experiencing cottonmouth (dry mouth) are some known direct side effects of puffing and using items related to the Agent Orange Weed. Good news, these unwanted consequences can be decreased or be avoided through practicing moderation of intake, and conscious of being adequately hydrated.

Growing the Agent Orange Plants: Some Vital Information You Need to Know

  • Cultivating and growing the Agent Orange plants is not that easy nor extremely challenging in terms of difficulty level in planting. However, these plants should ideally be grown indoors to control all needed factors to bear a quality yield.
  • If you decide to raise them in an outdoor garden, you must consider sunny warm weather, imitating a Mediterranean-like atmosphere. Cannabis growers must also find good air circulation within the garden.
  • For a bushier look, these plants should have regular pruning and cutting. This garden workaround can also enhance and encourage a more quality harvest as well.
  • Weed growers must also consider creating some support or plant framework, or other related plant contraptions that will hold these plants not to fall into the grounds.
  • An average of 16 ounces of yield is expected per square meter after waiting for more or less two months (eight to nine weeks) if planted indoors.
  • Outdoor Agent Orange plants should be harvested anytime in October, and expect to produce around 19 ounces of flowers and buds per plant.
  • These plants are vulnerable against mildew and molds, and for this reason, once gathered, these crops should be properly desiccated before adequately storing them.

Your Next Rolls Should be the Agent Orange Weed Strain: What Your Fellow Weed User Say

Smoking or using Agent Orange rolls and related items can give you what other cannabis users consider the so-called “stoner’s high.” He experienced being relaxed and euphoric at the same time from the hard-hit high he got from this weed strain. According to him, the high is very calming and made him happy.

The true essence of a balanced cannabis stain can be realized through the Agent Orange weed hybrid. He gave a four-star grade for this weed strain, by the way.

A weed user started his testimony by stating four words: amazing, flavorful, citrusy, and smooth. These words represented the four-star grade he gave for this cannabis strain. In his testimony, he also confirmed that his seasonal depression was swept, and let him express himself more vocally to his wife. His wife also tried this strain, and she was well-pleased by the fact she felt euphoric and calm as well.

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