A Comprehensive Review of the Amnesia Haze

A Comprehensive Review of the Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze is one of the most recognizable cannabis strains in the market, especially with the two High Times Cannabis Cup awards under its name. It is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain best known for packing some potent effects.

From an intricated parentage history, the Amnesia Haze cannabis strain boasts one of a kind breeding skills. As far as cannabis strains go, Amnesia Haze is among in the top shelf. Check out more about this impressive strain that a lot of cannabis smokers are talking about.

Overview and Genetics

The Amnesia Haze strain is brought by legendary scientists at a cannabis company based in the Netherlands, the Soma Seeds. The parentage of the strain is a bit unsure, but based on the cannabinoid profile of the Amnesia Haze, it has references from a lot of parent plants, including a Jamaican Sativa Cambodian Sativa, Hawaiian Sativa, Afghani Indica, Thai Sativa, South Asian Indica, and a Haze Sativa.

With its predominantly landrace parent strains, the Amnesia Haze boasts a clear and pure cerebral buzz with little to no side effects compared to other sativa strains. With mainly a majority of the parent strains for the Amnesia Haze are Sativa, it is not surprising that the product of all these combinations is a Sativa dominant strain with an 80: Sativa to Indica ratio. But, with the little Indica mixed in, the Amnesia Haze can provide a well-rounded buzz as well as help keep symptoms common to Sativas like paranoia and anxiety at bay.

Furthermore, the Amnesia Haze boasts an average of 21% THC concentration, which makes the strain hard-hitting if you are not careful.


In terms of appearance, the Amnesia Haze boasts a classic feature. It has a traditional arrangement of coloring common to most strains with dull and compressed sugar leaves with pale green coloring and orange hairy pistils mixing and curling throughout the buds.


The taste of the Amnesia Haze strain is a bit earthy and pungent. However, it is often masked with the sweeter hint of flavor that entices the taste buds. The smoke of the Amnesia Haze strain is also buttery and smooth, which will travel into the lungs easily, given that you are using a quality purchase of the strain.


One of the most overwhelming features of the Amnesia Haze is its fragrance, which is a distinct pungent earth. It has a very strong smell that fills the entire room and lingers for quite some time. However, once the skunk settles, the aroma of the strain usually settles into a complementary blend of pine, lemon, and citrus.


The amnesia haze cannabis strain is most popular in Oregon, especially around Portland area, Eugene, Corvallis, Salem, and Astoria, as well as in Oklahoma state, particularly in Oklahoma City, Norman, Tulsa, and Del City. The strain is also a popular choice for a lot of cannabis smokers around Mount Pleasant.

Effects of the Strain

In terms of effects, the Amnesia Haze is a powerhouse. It is mostly used for treating people with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. The strain also has excellent benefits when it comes to improving the overall mood with its uplifting effects. Moreover, it’s another potent stress reliever and pain reliever.

The majority of the benefits from the Amnesia Haze is largely due to its high THC concentration, which gives off that “high” or buzzy feeling.


  • Happy – 70%
  • Euphoric – 64%
  • Uplifted – 58%
  • Energetic – 45%
  • Creative – 45%

Medical Benefits

  • Stress Relief – 37%
  • Anti-Depression – 31%
  • Anti-Anxiety – 25%
  • Pain Relief – 23%
  • Anti-Fatigue – 14%

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth – 42%
  • Dry Eyes – 22%
  • Paranoia – 15%
  • Dizziness – 13%
  • Anxiety – 6%

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene


Main Parents: South Asian Indica and Cambodian strain, and many others

Main Children: Amnesia White and Monster Profit


  • Sativa strain
  • Difficulty – Moderate
  • Plant Height – 30-78 inches
  • Yield (Indoor) – 21 oz per square meter
  • Yield (Outdoor) – 25 oz per plant
  • Flowering Time – 10-12 weeks

The Amnesia Haze is not the easiest strain to cultivate, although experienced farmers can grow the strain without a lot of problems.

While the Amnesia Haze thrives best in a sunny and balmy climate, it is quite sensitive to molds and pests, which makes growing the strain a bit of a paradox. In this case, the strain is often recommended to be grown in an indoor environment, which makes it easy to control their growing environment. And although it can be challenging to recreate a Mediterranean climate that the Amnesia Haze love indoors, when it’s successful, it can reward you with an abundant yield.

What Users Are Saying

What a lot of cannabis smokers love about the Amnesia Haze is the overall pleasant it provides to all kinds of smokers. The smell and taste of the strain make sure that smoking is as easy, convenient, and enjoyable for them. Not to mention, the strain has a potent cerebral high that can make you happy and energetic.

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