A Comprehensive Review of the Banana Kush Marijuana Strain

Banana Kush Cannabis Strain Review Everything You Need to Know

The Banana kush is one of the famous cannabis strains that people prefer to use, especially with its potency levels that is mainly due to its high content of CBD. It is also the reason why this strain is a popular choice for those who are looking for pain relief.

This Indica-dominant hybrid produces a full-body effect, which makes it a great choice for Fibromyalgia patients. And with the high levels of CBN and CBG in addition to its surprising amount of CBD, this strain is also recommended for patients with insomnia and glaucoma. The CBC content of the banana kush cannabis strain also provides a dramatic difference in the mood of those suffering from depression or PTSD.

Overview and Genetics

The banana kush cannabis strain is a hybrid and Indica-dominant. And with its potent Indica body high that usually begins with laziness before going to complete sedation, the cannabis strain is often recommended and prescribed for night time use.

This cannabis strain is bred by Cali Kush using the Skunk Haze hybrid and a widely popular mother, the OG Kush. The result of the cross is a delicious and tropical strain that offers effective stress and anxiety relief and overall therapeutic solace with a 60% Indica content and 40% Sativa. Depending on the exact specimen, the banana kush can have 19% to 25% THC concentration.

The banana kush strain genetics is also one of the major reasons why it’s becoming popular.


Aside from its effects, this cannabis strain is also electrifying appearance-wise. The buds of the banana kush strain are nearly neon green with hints of highlighter-style neon yellow. The strain also features bright and colorful sugar leaves with hints of burnt orange and more overwhelming hues.

Mainly because of the high consistency of THC in this strain, its sugar leaves are thick with features of a frosty coating.


Everything you need to know about this cannabis strain is also in its name. In terms of aroma and flavor, the banana kush tastes like fresh tropical bananas. The flavor of this strain is a treat with its delectably sweet, delicious and rich taste as it hits the tongue.

The flavor of this strain also has hints of earthy and a little pungent taste, but overall, it is one of the most pleasant cannabis strains to consume.


This cannabis strain is tropical in nature, not just in taste, but also its smell. It mimics how fragrant a bundle of bananas smells as soon as it is ready for harvest. But aside from its banana dominant scent, the banana kush also has hints of other tree fruits, like its distinct pungent skunkiness, which can be associated with its Skunk Haze genetics.


What a lot of users deeply love about the banana kush is its pleasant taste and flavor.


The strain originated from the West Coast, and it is growing towards becoming one of the top five strains in Colorado and California dispensaries.


Effects of the Strain

The banana kush strain is famous for its overall full-body effects. Here are some of the common effects when using this strain:


  • Relaxed: 49%
  • Happy: 48%
  • Euphoric: 43%
  • Uplifted: 37%
  • Creative: 25%

Unlike other Indica-dominant cannabis strains, the banana kush won’t have you falling asleep in an instant. Instead, it will give a relaxing effect to both mind and body, in such a way that boosts your concentration, focus, motivation, and clarity.
Furthermore, using this strain also has a tendency to boost overall mood and uplift spirits towards euphoria and happiness.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress Relief: 35%
  • Anxiety Relief: 27%
  • Pain Relief: 25%
  • Fight Against Depression: 22%
  • Insomnia Relief: 10%

The many medical benefits of the banana kush strain are mainly due to its high CBD content, which is often sought out by people suffering from pain and chronic aches, as well as those who want to uplift their moods.

To a lesser degree, the strain is also used to treat people with migraines, muscle spasms, nausea, glaucoma, and eating disorders.

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth: 30%
  • Dry Eyes: 30%
  • Dizziness: 6%
  • Paranoia: 5%
  • Headache: 4%

Terpene Profile

  • Limonene: 34%
  • Beta-caryophyllene: 12%
  • Myrcene: 11%
  • Alpha Pinene: 1-9%
  • Beta Pinene: 1-9%
  • Fenchol: 1-9%


Main Parents: Skunk Haze(Skh) and Ghost OG (Gok)
Main Children: Ultra Banana (Ulb) and Banana Diesel (Bna)



  • Hybrid
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Height: 30-78 inches
  • Yield: 3-6 (oz./ft.)2
  • Flowering: 7-9 weeks

The strain is moderately difficult to grow, mainly because it thrives best when placed in an indoor environment where it can get a steady and constant flow of light. Although it can still grow outdoors, it has to be grown in correct climate conditions. The ideal would be a sunny and warm environment.

The banana kush strain’s flowering time takes about seven to nine weeks and will need to be trimmed regularly for a proper yield.

What Users Are Saying

It is a good specimen, overall, without any discomfort once the smoke travels down the throat. It’s one of the few strains that feel like silk when used.

Smokers have claimed that the banana kush is a “one-hitter quitter” strain. Experienced users have also said the same thing as it usually takes only a couple hits before experiencing the potent effects of the banana kush strain.

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