Beginners Guide to Smoking Hemp Flower Buds, Tips and Tricks

Beginners Guide to Smoking Hemp Flower Buds, Tips and Tricks

One of the trends in the cannabis world right now is smoking hemp flower, and it can be a great experience for both beginners and experienced smokers.

But before trying this latest smoking trend, check out everything you have to know first about smoking hemp flower.

What Are Hemp Flower Buds?

Buds used for smoking are simply flowers from the hemp plant, which is part of the Cannabis family. It contains a significant concentration of CBD but with very little content of THC.

Smoking hemp buds have become more common recently as smokers look for other ways to experience the medicinal or recreational benefits of CBD without the unnecessary effects of THC.

4 Reasons to Smoke Hemp Flower

If you are not sure whether you should start smoking hemp flower or not, here are some great reasons every beginner should know.


  • The Entourage Effect


Smoking hemp buds is one of the best and safest ways to experiment or try the entourage effects, which is a theory about all the naturally present chemicals in the cannabis plant working in synergy to produce stronger and more potent effects in the body. Smoking hemp buds instead of taking oils and edibles allow you to test out the effects of the strain without the adverse THC effects as buds are usually low in THC.


  • It Goes Straight to the Bloodstream


One of the reasons why smoking hemp flower is better than taking other hemp products is that it bypasses the digestive system, so those terpenes and cannabinoids go through the bloodstream. In that way, the effects of the strain are quicker and are more potent as well. With oils and edibles, which you take orally, it passes through the digestive system, taking more time before you notice the effects, and the potency is reduced in the process as well.


  • No “High” Effects


The concentration of THC that produces the “high” effects in marijuana is very little in hemp flowers. So, when smoking hemp flower, there are no intoxicating and psychotic effects. Instead, you will get clean and CBD-rich benefits.


  • Pleasant and Enjoyable Experience


Compared to taking edibles and oil, smoking hemp flower is a much more enjoyable and pleasant experience. You can taste and smell every sensation and effect of the strain when smoking buds. Plus, you can also choose different strains with not only different effects and potency, but it comes with a wide variety of fragrance and aroma as well.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons to smoke help flowers. It is a pleasant experience and can provide the effects that you are looking for in the hemp much quicker and more potent.

Dosing Tips When Smoking Hemp Buds

Usually, when it comes to taking hemp edibles and oils, the guesswork of how much you should use is eased with an available dosage guide. However, when it comes to smoking hemp flower, there is no dosage guide to speak of, which makes it tricky for beginner smokers or even experienced smokers who are trying a strain for the first time.

Because of this and the unfamiliarity of the effects and potency of a new strain, it is recommended to start smoking in small amounts until you notice the effects you are looking for. Especially for strains that are well-known to have high potency, it is important to start small and allow your body to acclimate to its effects to be safe and to avoid common side effects.

There is no reason to burn all your products in one sitting. Remember that you could always increase the amount of bud you smoke if you don’t notice the effects that you are looking for.

Other Tips for Safe Smoking of Hemp Buds

Before you start smoking hemp flower, check out these other tips and tricks to make the experience more favorable, pleasant, and safe.


  • Only Purchase High-Quality Buds


The effects that you can get from smoking hemp flower will largely depend on the quality of the buds you are using. So, when buying hemp buds, choose only those that are high-quality. Otherwise, you might only get a fraction of what that strain could offer, and it would be a waste of your money.


  • Make Sure the Buds Are Properly Heated


Before you try to smoke the buds, make sure they are properly heated first for you to fully experience the CBD effects of the strain as well as its other cannabinoids and terpenes. The proper heat will help activate the CBD and other compounds in the buds, otherwise, it will just be a waste.


  • Inhale Properly


There is a correct way of inhaling when smoking hemp flowers. It has to be slow and deep like you are filling your lungs with smoke. This way, you take more of the cannabinoids and experience more of its benefits.

Especially for beginners, the idea of smoking hemp flower might be intimidating at first, but this guide should help you ease into the experience.

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