The Ultimate Blue Cookies Strain Review

The Ultimate Blue Cookies Strain Review

If you have an impression of what you get when you puff or take in some cannabis in your system – you realize that these cannabis names and titles are more than their usual meaning. Just like the Blue Cookies strain of marijuana – who would ever think that your favorite cookies will turn blue and make you high in the process? Moving forward, instead of taking some hint of why it was called Blue Cookies cannabis, it is more fitting to know what this cannabis plant is all about.

No Blue Feeling: All About Blue Cookies Strain

If you are looking for a significant and steady mental and physical effect whenever you puff your next cannabis joint, then you have to consider trying the Blue Cooking strain of cannabis. The Blueberry and the Girl Scout Cookies strains are considered to be the parents of this potent cannabis crossbreed. This Blue Cookies strain has more Indica gene, and that characteristic provides a balanced attack in making your mind and body experience a different level of relaxation.

Gene Pool Combination (Lineage)

  • Blueberry Strain (Indica)
  • Girls Scout Cookies (Hybrid)

Since this hybrid is a combination of two potent cannabis strains, users can experience a sudden rush of high tingling your brain, then slowly running the relaxed sensation to your entire body. 

This cannabis strain is defined by an earthy cherry aroma hinting a sweet berry flavor coming from every puff you take. For this reason, relatively rookie consumers should take the Blue Cookies strain with reservation because of its fast-acting ‘high.’ Nonetheless, if you want to convince seasoned cannabis advocates and users to try a different experience, then the right choice you can recommend is this Blue Cookies breed.

What is the Blue Cookies Strain of Cannabis

  • 90% Indica, 10% Sativa (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
  • THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) 25-28%
  • CBD (Cannabidiol) 2%

The Blue Cookies under the microscope indicates that it is more or less 10% Sativa, and 90% Indica (though some resources assert that this cannabis strain is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa). 

If a positive body buzz and a jolted cerebral effect are what you need, then contacting a Blue Cookies dealer is your next evident step. If you are experiencing consistent physical discomfort, prickliness, headaches, unstable mood, and anxiety- then this is the best cannabis species for you.

Terpene Profile

  • Caryophyllene (Peppery)
  • Limonene (Citrus)
  • Humulene (Hoppy)

Blue Cookies Strain Expectations: Effects of Every Blue Cookies Puff

Here are some numbers (in an average of 10 users) you should know before picking up a Blue Cookies strain joint:


  • Rush of Creativity (3/10 users)
  • Being Uplifted (4/10 users)
  • Spurt of Euphoria (6/10 users)
  • Feeling of Happiness (6/10 users)
  • Touch of Relaxation (7/10 users)

Stoners and users alike asserted that smoking Blue Cookies rolls helped them cope up with:

  • Insomnia (2/10 users)
  • Pain (3/10 users)
  • Anxiety (3/10 users)
  • Depression (3/10 users)
  • Stress (4/10 users)

Common side effects of puffing in Blue Cookies strain:

  • Dry Mouth or Cotton Mouth (3/10 users)
  • Dry Eyes (1/10 users)

Growing Your Own Blue Cookies Strain Plants

Unlike some cannabis breeds, growing the Blue Cookies can be challenging, depending on your location. If you plan to do it outside, then you have to make sure that you have a whole year round of reasonably warm weather for the best Blue Cookies produce you can harvest. Nonetheless, on a relatively smaller and controlled scale, quality Blue Cookies harvest can be possible as long as you can simulate the needed warmth with the other conditions met as well.

Technically speaking, you need to have adequate know-how regarding basic gardening because the Blue Cookies bush or plant may need some pruning in the process. Some experts recommend doing some ‘shock’ for it to have a bluish hint. When you say ‘shock’, it is to change some workarounds in taking care of them. Transferring them to another slot can be considered a plant ‘shock’ since it ‘shakes’ up the plant to adapt to a new environment.

Another way of ‘shocking’ these Blue Cookies plants is to cut or trim some branches and leaves more than the usual pruning you usually do for them.

Key Take Outs in Growing the Blue Cookies Cannabis Strain

  • Can be planted or cultivated in both outdoor and indoor areas (provided that temperature can be maintained at 22 – 24 degree Celsius)
  • Considered to be small to medium size plant
  • It takes more than two months (9-10 weeks) to flower

Moving to Your Rhythm and Blue Cookies: Some Blue Cookies Recommendation (Reviews)

The Blue Cookies strain of cannabis can be one of the most interesting plants that can give you a different kind of ‘high’ to beat and deal with stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep. As always, if you consider your personality as a bit conservative, then puffing in some cannabis in your system should be the last thing in your mind.

Nevertheless, cannabis users and hardcore advocates should display the utmost discipline for people around them as they try to convince others that they are not automatically bad people. Cannabis, as a plant, is a naturally occurring ‘produce of the earth’ that does not harm people in its very essence. What makes them a target of controversy is how they are abused and misused.

Being responsible is the call for every cannabis user around the world. That is why, before lighting up another roll, make sure you are fully aware of the global laws and regulations that regulate the cannabis industry as a whole.

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