The Ultimate Review of the Blueberry Hemp Flower

The Ultimate Review of the Blueberry Hemp Flower

Overdoing the blueberry hemp flower can take you straight to dreamland. It has extremely potent effects that pacing yourself when smoking this flower is always recommended. This hybrid strain can be described in three words, and that is often enough to know what you are getting when using this strain: potent, tasty, and effective.


The Blueberry Haze hemp flower is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with 60% Sativa. The strain is crossed from its first strain parent, Haze, and its second strain parent, Blueberry.

The Haze and Blueberry that made this wonderful and potent hemp flower, have become popular because of their potency and their unique flavor profiles. With that, it is no surprise that the blueberry haze has also become a popular hybrid. Although it is defined as a Sativa, the body high that you can get from the blueberry hemp flower can be heavy, and sometimes when overdone and taken in large doses, and it can also be incapacitating.

Based on lab tests, depending on the phenotypes, the blueberry hemp flower can range from 14% to 23% of THC concentration, which is 16% on average.

Profile Breakdown


  • THC Content: 16%
  • CBD Content: 18% max


Terpene Profile


  • Myrcene
  • Pinene
  • Caryophyllene


Appearance Profile

When the plant was trimmed properly during cultivation, the flowers of this strain comes out with a range of small to medium sizes, which features a popcorn-like appearance in clusters. The buds boast of a dense structure, which is akin so most Indica-dominant strains, and has small mossy green leaves curling tightly inward to the central stems. It also features orange hairy pistils with translucent white trichomes coating the flowers, giving it a sticky texture and silvery color.

Taste and Fragrance Profile

When the flower is properly cured, it boasts of an overwhelming but pleasant aroma of sweet but slightly tart blueberries. That fragrance comes out at first, which then settles into an herbal and slightly spicy aroma, similar to the smell of herbal tea that is familiar to most Haze strain users.

The spicy fragrance of the strain becomes even more pronounced once the bud is broken open or grounded up. When the blueberry hemp flower is combusted, the smoke features a smooth and palatable smell, which tastes slightly sweet and fruity.

Effects and Potency


  • Euphoric: 59%
  • Happy: 57%
  • Uplifted: 47%
  • Relaxed: 37%
  • Energetic: 29%


The blueberry hemp flower hits the user instantly, and its most unmistakable effect is a boost in cerebral stimulation. With its extremely potent effects, the free and rapid thought flow it provides sometimes turns into paranoia for those who are not used to its effects yet.

But, when used moderately, the jolt that this strain can provide can be motivational, providing enough energy to finish whatever work you have to do for the day. It can also give an analytical and focused mindset to help in accomplishing whatever work needs to be done.

Once the high wears on, the next to come is a gradual body high that may deepen if the dosage is increased. The strain can be used as a powerful aphrodisiac for those who want to be relatively energetic. However, when used in large doses, the blueberry hemp flower can induce deep and restful sleep.

Because of its potent effects that settle into deep sedation after some time, the strain is recommended for use from late afternoon into the evening.

Medical Uses


  • Stress Relief: 29%
  • Anxiety: 27%
  • Pain Relief: 20%
  • Anti-Depression: 20%
  • Insomnia Relief: 15%


When it comes to medical uses, the effects of the blueberry hemp flower can be versatile. The soothing effects of the strain help relieve stress and depression, making users more alert and mindful. The physical relaxation that the buds of this strain can provide also helps people suffering from various conditions such as chronic aches and pains. It also boasts anti-inflammatory effects that can help soothe minor cases of irritations such as headaches and nausea.

Because of its potent sedation effects, the blueberry hemp flower can also be used to bring deep and lasting sleep for those suffering from insomnia. However, with its high potency of Sativa effects, it is not recommended for smokers with very low tolerance of THC.

Possible Side Effects


  • Dry Mouth: 35%
  • Dry Eyes: 19%
  • Paranoia: 11%
  • Dizziness: 8%
  • Anxiousness: 5%



Parent Strains: Blueberry and Haze

Growing and Cultivation

Although there are a lot of seeds available online, it can be a bit hard to grow this hemp flower, especially for novice growers. Although for more experienced growers, this bud can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, with a preference of consistent daytime sunlight, semi-humid climate, and 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. The plant can also grow very tall, so when opting to grow the strain in an indoor environment, a large area is necessary.


When used properly and in the right dosage, the blueberry hemp flower can provide exciting and relaxing effects which a lot of users rave about this strain. However, for those who are beginner smokers, they recommend using this help flower in very low doses, especially if they have a very low THC tolerance.

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