An In-Depth Review of the Blueberry Pie Strain

An In-Depth Review of the Blueberry Pie Strain

The Blueberry Pie strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that boasts a combined power of the impressive elements of its two potent parent strains. Its flavor and fragrance profile are obvious from the name itself, providing a pleasant and tasty smoking experience.

The blueberry pie is popularly known for its powerful cerebral high as well. It’s a favored option for those seeking relief from various conditions, including stress, pain, insomnia, and inflammation.

Overview and Genetics

As sweet as the name Blueberry Pie strain comes, you will not be disappointed when you smell and taste the strain. This strain features very decadent characteristics, which are reminiscent of its equally tasty parent strains, the Blue Dream and the Girl Scout Cookies. Crossing these two legendary strains produced the Blueberry Pie, a dessert-like marijuana strain that is amazingly potent as well.

The Blueberry Pie strain is regarded as an Indica-dominant hybrid, despite having a genetically balanced Indica to Sativa profile. The strain has a fluctuating THC level, which largely depends on how the plant was cultivated and cured. But on average, it can have as much as 20% THC concentration, which ranks among the most potent strains in the market.

The potency of the strain produced a powerful cerebral high combined with an equally strong physical buzz. Because of this, the strain is widely utilized to provide relief for various kinds of illnesses and medical conditions.


The Blueberry Pie strain can look incredibly gorgeous in some cases, but other times, it comes with a fairly basic appearance and color palette. The strain features dense and tightly wounded buds, a reminiscent of its Indica profile. It also has medium-sized buds that, in general, comes with dark green coloring. The physical appearance of the strain will usually depend on the climate or temperature where it was cultivated.

When shocked by a much cooler climate while it grows, the Blueberry Pie strain will develop some vibrant hints of purple.


With a Blueberry Pie name, it is not surprising that the Blueberry Pie strain tastes as sweet as a blueberry dessert. It is incredibly sweet and syrupy with a distinct fruity flavor along with hints of vanilla and nuttiness on the inhale. It also features a wide array of undertones including herbs, and spice., but overall, smoking the Blueberry Pie strain tastes like eating a blueberry cake.


Similar to its flavor, the Blueberry Pie strain comes with a distinct sweet and fruity fragrance as well, particularly a fresh and ripe blueberry. It also features a slight skunk and earthy undertones.


The Blueberry Pie strain is most popular around Washington state, particularly in cities such as Everett, Spokane, Stanwood, Seattle, Gold Bar, and Bellingham. This cannabis strain is also highly popular in a lot of other cities in the US, including Tulka, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, and Southborough.

Effects of the Strain


  • Relaxed – 66%
  • Happy – 62%
  • Uplifted – 48%
  • Euphoric – 37%
  • Giggly – 22%

The Blueberry Pie strain became popular with recreational cannabis smokers for its strong mood-boosting abilities. Smoking this strain will make you happy and giggly, which all settles into a moderately relaxed feeling. But be careful with large doses as this strain can induce a couch lock effect.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress Relief – 38%
  • Pain Relief – 37%
  • Anti-Depression – 24%
  • Anti-Insomnia – 24%
  • Anti-Anxiety – 22%

As medical cannabis, the Blueberry Pie strain is useful for a lot of patients. It has been largely used to manage daily stress as well as improve the overall mood for people with anxiety, PTSD, and depression. The strain is also useful for its strong pain-relieving properties that help those who suffer from arthritic discomfort and chronic aches and pains.

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth – 24%
  • Dry Eyes – 12%
  • Anxiety – 1%
  • Dizziness – 1%
  • Headache – 1%

Terpene Profile

  • Beta Myrcene – 0.584%
  • Beat Caryophyllene – 0.349%
  • Alpha Pinene – 0.289%


Main Parents: Girl Scout Cookies (Gsc) and Blue Dream (Bd)

Main Children: N/a


  • Growing Difficulty – Moderate
  • Yield – 2 oz per plant
  • Flowering Time – 9 to 10 weeks

The Blueberry Pie strain is popular with a lot of cannabis farmers. However, it is very rare to find Blueberry Pie seeds, and they largely rely on planting clones of the strain.

But when it comes to the growing process, the Blueberry Pie strain is highly versatile. It can thrive in both the indoor and outdoor environments. But if you want a more interesting display of color for your Blueberry Pie strain, you have to be careful about the temperature and climate of your growing space. The vivid purple coloring of the strain only comes out when they are grown in cooler temperatures.

What Users Are Saying

One of the reasons why the Blueberry Pie strain is popular with a lot of cannabis smokers is because of its dessert-like flavor and aroma, which is both pleasant and invigorating. But more than that, smokers also rave about the incredible potency of the strain, especially when it comes to providing relief to bodily aches and pains. Overall, they say it is a good-tasting strain that packs a punch.

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