An In-Depth Review of the Bubble Hash Strain

An In-Depth Review of the Bubble Hash Strain


The Bubble Hash has been in the market for a long time but uncommon; that is why only a few people know about it. It is only nowadays when it starts becoming popular when the United States and Canada legalized the use of cannabis.

The Bubble Hash is an extract from the trichomes of cured and dried buds. It got its name from the sieve-like bags called bubble bags, which cannabis users use to separate the trichomes from its buds. Its name may also come from the bubbles formed when smoked.

The hash is not the most potent concentrate in the market, but there is a guarantee that it is full of terpenes. Its potency is stronger than dry-sift or dry-ice hash.

The hash is Indica dominant. It is 60 percent Indica and 40 percent Sativa.

The color of this hash is dark-chocolate.

The taste is similar as it smells. It tastes common herbal, but it is still enjoyable. The undertone can be pleasant and light that resembles herbal tea.

The smell of the Bubble Hash is earthy, kush, and spicy. Some people say that it has citrusy, lemon-like undertones when heated.


The Bubble Hash is 14 to 17 percent THC, which makes it extremely potent. It is not surprising that it gives a cerebral high to its users. The effects are also fast and intense that provides relaxation effect.

For this reason, it is famous for giving a calming effect on its users, which makes it effective against stress, anxiety, and depression.

The hash can also make you feel hungry, which is useful for boosting appetite. It is also helpful for treating aches and pains, which makes it effective against migraines. Sometimes users use this hash against nausea.

However, it will make the user feel lazy, which can be a benefit or a side effect. Therefore, it is advisable for nighttime use, because it will leave the user couch-locked. It is not advisable during the daytime because it will disrupt your activities during the day.


The Bubble Hash has three types:

  • Trim processed
  • Bud processed
  • Micron screen sizes

The trim processed has the lowest quality. It is dark in color, and it takes a longer time to burn.

The bud processed hash came from high-quality buds. Although there is no guarantee that the product is high-quality, the chances are higher.

The quality of the hash that is a product of micron screen size type depends on the size of the screen used. Large screen size allows more contaminants resulting in a less pure form of concentrate. However, the smaller screen size produces purer hash.


The parents of this hash are Grand Daddy Purple and OG Kush.

Making the Hash

One can grow cannabis indoors or outdoors, but making a Bubble Hash needs time, patience, and effort. This method requires water, ice, and bubble bags to separate the fiber from its oil and resin.

To make your own using the Micron Screen Size method, you need stir sticks, bubble bags, 4 ounces of cannabis, 4 to 7 kilograms of ice, 3 to 4 marijuana, 19 liters of purified water, and cheesecloth.

To ensure the quality of your creation, you should select the best quality buds.

To start, you need to lay the three to four bubble bags and arrange them from small to large. Next, add the cannabis and pour the ice on top.

Add enough purified water that will cover the cannabis. It is important to use purified water because the elements in tap water do not mix well with trichomes.

Mix them all. Please wait for 15 to 20 minutes to remix them. After that, let the mixture sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

Next, remove the first layer of the bubble bag. Allow it to drain into the bucket. You can squeeze it to remove the water and set it aside.

Remove the next layer and scrape the residue at the bottom. Place the scraped bubble hash on the cheesecloth. This part is impure but can still be enjoyable.

Remove the next layer and allow it to drain. This time, do not remove the water. Let it sit in the bucket.

Remove the Bubble Hash at the underside of the bad and place it on the cheesecloth. This time, the hash’s color should be lighter.

Continue removing the other layers and scrapping the has on the underside of each.

After that, you can fold the cheesecloth on top of the hash and press it to get rid of water.


The Bubble Hash is best for nighttime use. Many users say that its taste is typical and herbal. What makes it ideal is its effect because of its high potency. One can use this hash by vaping, dabbing, or by adding to a joint.

Many users claim that its effect comes to them quickly, which makes it a hash for experienced stoners. The effects can be stronger when mixed with other strains. Beginners should not consider using the Bubble Hash just yet.

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