Cannabis Country: Is Weed Legal in Canada ?

Is Weed Legal in Canada?

To quickly answer the question, ‘is weed legal in Canada’, yes, cannabis usage in Canada is legal, and its market is a thriving industry. However, cannabis and all its related products were banned in 1923. This cannabis ban was lifted on the 30th of July, 2001. All its written cannabis bylaws and regulations were documented under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulation.

This government division was later transferred to the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. All cannabis-related items such as fiber, grain, and seed are issued under Health Canada. With all these premises, we can all say that Canada is also a Cannabis Country at all.

Understanding Canada’s Cannabis Laws and Regulation

Is weed legal in Canada, without restrictions?

A stoner in Canada must check some of this information first before igniting the next cannabis joint. Recreational usage of cannabis in Canada is legal; however, rules and regulations vary depending on your location. Your age also matters, and your preferred place to enjoy your high rolls should also be defined.

As always, bringing extra money is a must, but taking some cannabis at home is a big no-no. An adult individual is allowed to buy a maximum of 30 grams of dried marijuana at a time. That stoner is also allowed to carry and share this cannabis package, and 30 grams of weed can get you more or less 50-60 rolls. Although it seems that buying, carrying, and sharing cannabis in Canada can be considered relaxed, finding a place using them can be a different story.

As a general rule- never think about bringing anything cannabis-related across the border.

Legal Cannabis Served for Legal Age Individuals

In British Columbia and Canada, you must be 19 years old for you to use and possess cannabis. Again, depending on the area, this legal age rule may vary as well. Technically, in Quebec and Alberta, the acceptable legal age is 18 years old, though the newly elected government in Quebec has been raising the legal cannabis age as 21 years old. If you plan to have a pot session with fellow stoners- you have to make sure that there is no minor included in the pack. It is considered a crime to share cannabis with minors.

Buying Cannabis in Canada

Though the answer is positive in the question ‘Is weed legal in Canada’, weed shops and markets remain limited for cannabis stoners. Nonetheless, the Canadian government is pushing for more strict regulations and implementation of cannabis laws as they aim to open more stores in Ontario.

How Much is Cannabis in Canada

Territories and provinces regulate the variety and range of prices. This provision includes cannabis sales, whether actual or online transactions. Pre-rolled joints cost more or less 7 CAD each, while a gram of cannabis is tagged at 9 to 15 CAD (more or less 7 to 12 USD). Available online cannabis can range from almost 9 CAD to more or less 16 CAD. Online cannabis prices vary depending on the type of weed you buy.

Now That You Have the Cannabis and Whatnots: Where Can You Smoke?

Saying yes to ‘Is weed legal in Canada ‘doesn’t mean you can smoke anywhere.

Local jurisdictions or governments define where stoners can publicly consume their cannabis rolls. In the sidewalks of Yukon, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland (and Labrador), New Brunswick, and Manitoba, smoking weed joints is not allowed since the public consumption of cannabis is not permitted. Nonetheless, in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, stoners can smoke weed and tobacco anywhere, except where children are visibly present.

Never Smoke Cannabis and Drive

Like in many parts of the world, driving while under the influence of cannabis is still illegal in Canada. Even passengers are not allowed to take hits of weed when you are traveling. If you bring cannabis with you during a drive, the weed package must be sealed, and neither passengers nor the driver can access it. Stoners violating these rules can face hefty fines and may go to prison if proven guilty of these charges.

Although some states in the United States and Canada have legalized cannabis, this premise does not mean that stoners can easily carry cannabis upon returning to the US. This assertion means that under federal law, distribution, production, possession, and sale of cannabis remain illegal. Thus, ‘Is weed legal in Canada’ is a yes, while bringing in cannabis to Canada is a big no-no.

As a General Travel Tip for Stoners

Cannabis users planning to visit Canada should be aware that every province in Canada has a website that is dedicated to explaining specific regulations and laws of cannabis usage and whatnots. Doing some research is not an issue, so better do your assignment before booking a ticket flying to Canada.

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