Hemp Flowers: Legal and Safety Concerns Explored

Hemp Flowers Legal and Safety Concerns Explored

Finding out if hemp flowers are legal is a smart thing to do, especially since hemp or CBD products are becoming more mainstream nowadays. And although some people still continuously mistaken hemp flowers for cannabis flowers, the world is now starting to see the potential and value of hemp as an alternative to both tobacco and marijuana.

However, because the latter still has a lot of stigmas attached to it, many people are questioning the legality of hemp due to its similarities with its more infamous counterpart. Realistically speaking, hemp, and marijuana are widely different from each other. This article will shed some light on that and some legal aspects concerning both hemp and marijuana use.

If Marijuana is Illegal Shouldn’t Hemp Be Too

What differentiates hemp from marijuana is their Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration, where the former contains around five percent or more, and the latter contains the legal amount of 0.3 percent or less. This minute amount of THC in hemp does not make the use of hemp flowers addictive nor intoxicating.

In the United States, the legalization of marijuana is a tricky area due to its known psychoactive effects. Hemp, on the other hand, is legal to use, but still comes with some major restrictions as per the 2018 US Farm Bill. However, thanks to the same bill, the transportation of hemp is not illegal in all 50 states.

Moreover, the use of hemp is considered legal when the chemical compound cannabinoid is produced based on the stipulations in the Farm Bill. Production and cultivation must comply with necessary association state and federal regulations and must be from a licensed hemp grower.

Are Hemp Flowers Legal in Your Region

Staying up-to-date where hemp flowers are legal could save anyone a whole lot of trouble from the law. Federally, hemp use is permitted due to its variety of applications that range from therapeutic purposes to industrial and commercial. Hemp flowers may have a bit more grey area as these are often used for smoking.

According to CBD Testers, 12 states in the US have banned or imposed restrictions on the use of smokeable hemp flowers. These include:

  • Idaho – Use of hemp in all forms is considered illegal
  • Indiana – A bill proposing to reverse a provision in its Cannabis laws to make smokable hemp or cannabinoid legal
  • Kentucky – A license is required for possession, while the sale of smokeable hemp is not allowed
  • Louisiana – A ban was imposed by the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control
  • Massachusetts – The sale of the raw or unprocessed hemp plant is prohibited
  • Mississippi – Use of any form of hemp is deemed illegal
  • New Hampshire – All hemp forms are considered illegal
  • North Carolina – State officials have proposed to impose a ban on smokeable hemp in 2020
  • South Carolina – A license to possess is necessary
  • South Dakota – Use of all forms of hemp is illegal
  • Texas – Use of smokeable hemp flowers is banned
  • Virginia – A license to possess hemp is required

To date, the said bans are being actively implemented. However, a majority of online or internet-based stores will agree to ship to any state, based on the legal statutes of the 2018 US Farm Bill regarding the transport of hemp.

In Texas, a law was passed in 2019 legalizing hemp. Today, there is an abundance of CBD products available in the Lone Star state. However, due to the challenges law enforcers and prosecutors are having in differentiating legal hemp from marijuana, a ban on smokeable hemp flowers has been imposed to remedy such difficulties.

In Europe, industrial hemp is legal and is grown abundantly in the whole country. There, the hemp plant is used to produce a variety of CBD products. Moreover, the usage, purchase, possession, and transportation of various cannabis products are considered legal, except in Slovakia. In contrast, the use of CBD products in Italy remains unclear due to its fluctuating laws on cannabis use.

Enjoying the Legality of Hemp Flowers

Whether it be for smoking or other means of consumption, knowing what the real deal about hemp flowers is an important step in securing your health and safety.

Always stay informed and consult with a health care provider or CBD expert should you wish to enjoy the unique benefits of any CBD product.

It is best to always employ caution with the use of products claiming any therapeutic or health benefits. However, you wish to utilize CBD buds or flowers; an essential rule of thumb is to do lots of research and determine whether the cultivation and use of hemp flowers are legal wherever you are.

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