Ultimate Guide on Charlotte’s Web Hemp Flower

Ultimate Guide on Charlottes Web Hemp Flower

Unlike other hemp flowers, the Charlotte’s Web hemp flower has a heart-warming and exciting history that serves as the wakeup call for the world. It is because of this hemp flower that the world discovered the benefits of CBD on seizures and other medical ailments.

The Stanley Brothers, hemp breeders from Colorado, cultivated the Charlotte’s Web specifically for Charlotte Figi. The brothers spent two years to create this plant.

This girl had epilepsy. She used to have episodes several times a day in her life that could reach up to about 300 per week.

Her mother was desperate and tried various drugs to treat her before coming across the Stanley Brothers. For this reason, the Colorado breeders cultivated this hemp with high CBD content but low THC.

The Charlotte’s Web effects responded well with Charlotte. Her mom felt delighted that her daughter’s seizure of 300 per week came down to 0 to 1.

Because of this success, the Stanley Brothers named the plant from the girl who proved its efficacy. The brothers believed that the hemp is medical marijuana’s future, and made it available to more people for the other patients’ benefit.

Now there are more than 180 success stories that tell how the Charlotte’s Web hemp flower helped patients to live a better quality of life.

Charlotte’s Web is a hybrid with sativa-dominant genetics. As for the appearance, it is attractive to look at because of its sage-colored buds. Surrounding the stem is the densely-packed leaves.

The orange pistils are small and located in the middle of the leaves, giving the observers an impression that this strain contains high THC. However, unlike the other strains, the Charlotte’s Web lacks frosty appearance because of its low THC content.

The Charlotte’s Web has a pleasing scent of earth and pine, which is light but detectable still. Its taste is sweet with sweet undernotes. You can compare its taste with subtle lemon and sage.

Effects of the Strain

Users of Charlotte’s Web respond to it in different ways. However, most of them say that the strain helped them improve their mood and character. They also experienced a boost in energy and performance.

According to Josh Stanley, one of the brothers who created the Charlotte’s Web, the CBD content of this hemp stops the progression of epilepsy. He added that it brings no psychoactive effects like THC.

A boy named Zaki suffered from Doose syndrome, a debilitating epileptic condition that appears on children. This syndrome causes the affected children to lose control of their muscles, which causes them to fall, resulting in possibly fatal injury. This disorder came from the different parts of the brain, which makes it challenging to identify the right medication for it.

According to Heather, Zaki’s mother, she tried all the possible medication, which only made her son’s condition worse. She confessed that her son’s EEG revealed that Zaki had almost 200 seizures an hour.

She said that because of this hemp, Zaki hardly had any seizures at all. By the time she got her interview, she had said that it had been 160 days since her son got any seizure.

Because of its other effects on the mood, this strain is also effective against stress and anxiety.

According to Charlotte’s parents, the hemp helped their daughter in other ways too. They said that it helped boost her appetite.

Other effects include relaxed and uplifted feeling that boost one’s mood. It also helps ease chronic pain, especially for cancer patients.

Some patients reported that they experienced dizziness when they took this strain. Milder symptoms are dry eyes and dry mouth.

Terpene Profile

According to Josh Stanley, their Charlotte’s Web hemp flower contains less than 0.5 percent THC and 17 percent CBD.

Summary of the Charlotte’s Web terpenes:

  • Linalool
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Pinene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Terpinolene
  • Humulene


Right now, it is still illegal to cultivate the Charlotte’s Web hemp flower commercially. Only the Stanley Brothers Organization owns the right for cultivation, which makes it difficult for several people to buy its seeds.

If you want to give your shot of growing this strain for its medicinal benefits, you should get a clone of its seeds.

Because only one organization grows this hemp, nobody knows exactly the right temperature and the difficulty level for cultivating this strain.

It is said that, like other strains, it can thrive indoors and outdoors. It can also produce a high yield of 16 ounces indoors and 12 to 16 ounces per square meter outdoors. Charlotte’s Web will be ready for harvest for 8 to 9 weeks for indoor cultivation, and by mid-October for outdoor cultivation.


A lot of patients and their loved ones reported the efficacy of this strain and how it improved their quality of life. Most users consume the Charlotte’s Web for medicinal purposes, especially for treating seizures.

Many people compare this strain with the Harlequin because of many similarities. These similarities include that both of them are sativa-dominant. Both of these strains can provide relaxation.

However, the Harlequin is better for uplifting its users’ mood and focus. The Charlotte’s Web hemp flower is better for treating pains.

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