The Ultimate Cherry Hemp Flower Review

The Ultimate Cherry Hemp Flower Review

The Cherry Hemp Flower is an Indica-dominant strain that is legal in the 50 states of America, also known as the Cherry No. 5.

It is a popular hybrid from the Afghani lineage. It is an ideal hemp strain because, unlike THC-rich cannabis, it is not psychoactive because it has a higher level of CBD. It is organic, no chemicals, and pesticides.

Moreover, it passed the seven-point criteria inspection and complied with Farm Bill because it only contains not more than 0.3 percent Delta-9 THC. Trusted retailers analyze their Cherry Hemp Flower, before offering it to the public.

Looking at it, it is a beautiful plant with a small flower that is smaller than the typical ones in the market. It is bright green and has some dark tinge. The red hairy-like trichomes cover the bristles of the nugs. What set it apart from other cherry strain, is that the Cherry No. 5’s trichome coverings on the buds are denser.

The trichomes look beautiful with its crystal and glossy hair-like appearance, which are the ones that give the strain’s scent.

The taste adds to the user’s enjoyable experience. The Cherry Hemp Flower is as sweet as honey and as pungent as apricot. It provides a smooth experience that everyone loves.

Some users say that it has woody hash undertone and notes of blackberry, spice, and chardonnay taste, which will remind of cloves when you exhale the vape smoke.

The taste reminds you of Colorado, its origin.

The smell of Cherry No. 5 is distinctive. It can fill up a room with an earthy scent upon opening your jar. You will also smell balanced scents of sweetness and smokiness, where neither is overpowering.

Effects of the Strain

Users love the Cherry Hemp Flower because its effects hit the spot. It is neither soft nor overpowering. Some claim that it can affect from head to toe.

It provides a relaxing effect and euphoria. It also uplifts the mood of a user. Aside from its emotional benefits, this strain is also advantageous for easing tired muscles and adding mental concentration.

Therefore, many CBD smokers use this strain to alleviate stress and depression.

According to the World Health Organization, consuming CBD in large amounts is safe, unlike the THC. However, if a user takes a CBD along with medication, it is the time when it becomes risky.

Taking CBD, along with medication, may lead to liver damage. It is because the CBD slows the breakdown of drugs in the body, leading to a higher concentration of it in the body.

For this reason, if you are under medication, it is best to consult your doctor.


The Cherry Hemp Flower is high in CBD. It contains 12.1 to 15.9 percent of it. Meanwhile, its Delta-9 THC is only 0.3 percent. The ratio between the CBD and THC levels in this strain is 3:2. Therefore, this strain is hemp and not cannabis.

The concentrations of terpenes and phenotypes vary depending on the growers. The terpenes’ combination provides a unique blend of flavor and aroma to the hemp.

Summary of Terpene Profile:

  • Beta-caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Farsenene
  • Linalool
  • Humulene
  • Myrcene
  • 14.99 percent Total Cannabinoids


The Cherry Hemp Flower came from the Cherry Wine and Sour Space Candy.


The Cherry Hemp Flower came from Rifle Colorado, where the soil is ideal for producing this kind of hemp. The land in this area is rich in alkaline and organic compost.

Since alkaline is less soluble in water, some grower infuses nutrients to the soil to help in the growing process. To provide the right nutrients to the plants, some cultivators add magnesium, which leads to growing a superior strain.


If you are a new hemp user, the Cherry Hemp Flower is one of the hemp to start. It is advisable for beginners because its effects are ideal, but not strong. Veteran users can still enjoy it, though.

It is advisable for daytime use. Its effects are apparent, and it uplifts one’s mood. Moreover, it allows you to put more concentration on your task.

This strain is perfect for vaping because of its delicious earthy taste.

However, you should pick a licensed supplier. Make sure to get the tested ones with a certification of compliance and sealed with legal documentation. After all, you do not want to end up in jail.

It is highly advisable to treat this hemp as cannabis when it comes to legality in your area. Although drug testing often gives negative results. There is no guarantee in it, mainly if you use the Cherry Hemp Flower often.

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