A Comprehensive Review of the Chocolope Strain

A Comprehensive Review of the Chocolope Strain

As a Sativa-dominant, the Chocolope strain is one of the fascinating strains in the cannabis world. It has an impressive amount of THC, which boosts its potency in treating various kinds of conditions. It is highly popular for people looking for an appetite enhancer and an anxiety reliever.

With its high potency, however, beginner cannabis smokers are recommended to test out the strain first before taking it in higher doses. Check out everything about the Chocolope strain and its effects.

Overview and Genetics

The Chocolope strain was bred by DNA genetics using the Cannalope Haze and the Chocolate Thai, which are both powerful Sativa strains. The product came as a shock to most in the cannabis world as the Chocolope came out almost a pure Sativa strain, with a 95:5 Sativa to Indica ratio, that is both happy-inducing and uplifting, but is also extremely energizing.

The Chocolope strain is also an award winner, named as the Strain of the Year in 2007. However, the strain has been around since the 1980s when it became one of the prominent strains in the US. Later, it has also made a name across Canada and Europe with its mouth-watering and tasty flavor profile.

Furthermore, the Chocolope strain boasts a hefty 18% to 23% average THC concentration, making it extremely useful for treating a wide variety of conditions.


Appearance-wise, the Chocolate weed is stunning with its thick and frosty crystal coating in muted green and grey sugar leaves. To top it up, there are vibrant and brassy orange pistils. The water leaves of the buds have a healthy shade of green with stretchy and thick colas.


Flavor-wise, the Chocolope strain is one of the tastiest and delicious ones in the market. It is sticky with a lot of sweetness that makes the strain hard to resist. It is why smokers are advised to be careful when taking the strain as it is potent, but the sweet taste will urge you to keep on smoking. The strain also features strong notes of chocolate and coffee with a hint of vanilla.


In terms of fragrance, the Chocolope strain is like your favorite dessert. It features a sweet chocolatey aroma that will inspire your senses instantly. Further, the strain also comes with an earthy and slight pungency with a hint of a nutty fragrance to awaken your senses.


The Chocolope strain is most popular around the Washington area, especially in Ferndale, Everson, Seattle, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, and Everett. However, it is also widely used around the Arizona area, particularly in Chandler and Phoenix.

Effects of the Strain

One of the reasons why the Chocolope strain is a huge favorite for smokers is because of its potent effects.


  • Happy – 63%
  • Uplifted – 60%
  • Euphoric – 50%
  • Energetic – 49%
  • Creative – 39%

The Chocolope strain is well-known for providing an intense cerebral high that can be usually described as thought-provoking, surreal, and dreamy. It is uplifting and grounding at the same time. And with its energetic effects, it is recommended to take the strain first-thing in the morning.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress Relief – 44%
  • Anti-Depression – 34%
  • Anti-Anxiety – 29%
  • Pain Relief – 19%
  • Anti-Fatigue – 16%

Chocolope strain has become a valuable option in the medical cannabis industry largely because of its benefits in providing relief to a wide variety of ailments and discomforts. It is widely used for those who need relief from stress and other mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. The strain is also a potent medicine for people with muscle spasms, chronic pain, and migraine, among others.

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth – 24%
  • Dry Eyes – 15%
  • Dizziness – 5%
  • Paranoia – 4%
  • Anxiety – 4%

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene


Main Parents: Cannalope Haze Sativa (Cht) and Chocolate Thai Sativa (Cah)

Main Children: Chocolate Rain (Cra) and Jackalope (Jlp)


  • Difficulty – easy
  • Plant Height – tall (over 78 inches)
  • Flowering Time (Indoors) – 9 to 10 weeks
  • Flowering Time (Outdoors) – mid-late October
  • Yield (Indoors) – 21 oz per square meter
  • Yield (Outdoors) – 32 oz per square meter

Chocolope strain is one of the easy cannabis strains for growers. However, the plant can be prone to common mildews and molds in cannabis. With that, it is advised to cultivate the Chocolope strain in a well-ventilated area. However, it is still possible to cultivate the cannabis strain in an outdoor environment, although you need to be careful about the humidity levels constantly.

What Users Are Saying

With the 95% Sativa profile of the Chocolope strain, the effects of the strain are fast-acting. A lot of cannabis smokers are raving about how quickly they can get the benefits from the strain, especially when it comes to pain relief. However, they recommend to take it easy when using the strain in high dosage can usually bring unpleasant side effects.

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