Everything You Need to Know About Dabs

Everything You Need to Know About Dabs

Yes, you’ve heard it right we’re talking about Dabs. And, no, it’s not the dance step. What are dabs? Their common forms are budder, wax, shatter, butane hash oils or live resin. These marijuana extracts are gaining popularity for the marijuana users around the globe.

What makes them popular to users? It is a simple answer – dabs are the fastest way to get high. Since it is a concentrate, compared to weed, it can kick in faster.

Types of Dabs and How to Smoke them

When smoking dabs, you must know what type you are smoking since some forms have a different way of smoking. To know more, these are the most common types of dabs:

  • Shatter – looks like a shattered glass when applied with pressure.
  • Butane hash oil – other name is honey oil. This type is usually yellow/amber in color.
  • Budder- golden-colored concentrate with consistency like a peanut butter.
  • Wax – yellow, semi-solid with a consistency of earwax.
  • Live resin – viscous, honey-colored that comes in oil form.

Dabs have been around the market for almost a decade but the boost of its popularity was because of the more advanced extraction techniques. Today, dabbing, the method of extracting dabs, has a different approach.

  • Rig – is a dabbing equipment used for the concentrate. It has a nail, dome and a holder. To smoke a dab using a rig, you must place the dab in the holder, and then heat the nail with the torch and when the concentrate makes contact with the nail, it creates a vapor in which you inhale.
  • Vaporizer – commonly known as a vape pen, this is a handheld device that has an atomizing chamber where the vapor that you inhale is produced. Vape pens are usually used for shatters, wax or oil.

A Brief History of Dabs

It was said that dabs have been around since the 1940s and was then called “butane honey oil” in the 1970s when it was made in Kabul, Afghanistan and was smuggled by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love.

Come 1989, when it was said that alcohol and activated charcoal was used in the production of hash oil. Then, in the twentieth century, vaporizers gained popularity and by 2014, Colorado and Washington began to license its extraction operations.

Dabs, Weed, THC and Possible Overdose

There have been debates about how weed can still make users high better than dabs and as a result, had severe effects to them.

But with the following practices, dabs can be smoked accurately:

  • Always make sure to get dabs only from the most reliable sources.
  • Every after use, clean your equipment.
  • To avoid contamination, store your dabs according to storage recommendations.
  • Dabs are not for everyone. If you think that you cannot handle the dosage, you can always switch to other alternatives.

Weed can have an average of 25-35% THC when properly smoked. While Dabs can have between 80-99.9% of THC if properly extracted. It means that it does not take much of dab to get high. You must know your limits or you might experience an overwhelming tense and discomfort. It is always better to start with small amounts of dab for a better and long-lasting effect.

Sensory Attributes of Dab

When sampling dabs, you must consider its sensory attributes to know if it is really pure. The best dabs taste like the marijuana strains that have been extracted.

  • Aroma – must smell like weed
  • Texture – must have the syrupy-like texture
  • Appearance – must resemble the type of dab that you want. Example, honey oil must appear honey-colored
  • Taste – must taste like weed

Pros and Cons of Using Dabs

If you are a first-time user, consider these pros and cons of using dabs:


  • Smoother vapor
  • Lower levels of tar
  • Most effective way to consume cannabis


  • Since it is a concentrate, effects are stronger and inexperienced user may exceed limits.
  • Needs special equipment to smoke the substance
  • Hard to store

Final Say on Dabs

Either you use dabs or weed, you must always remember to consume it responsibly, safely and properly. Dabs may be the fastest way to consume cannabis but it can get you high faster than weed and excessive smoking can have negative effects to your body.

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