An In-Depth Review of the Fire OG Cannabis Strain

An In-Depth Review of the Fire OG Cannabis Strain

Cannabis plants are some of the best examples of things that seem to be very innocent and would not move a thing and yet, controversial. The history of humanity can never be this colorful without the discovery and use of cannabis-related stuff. Although the majority of people around the world see these plants as some ‘cursed’ herb destined, contemporary advocates and users lead to prove these misconceptions wrong.

OG What? All About Fire OG

  • 70% Indica, 30% Sativa
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 20-25%
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) less than 1%

The Fire OG is a crossbreed of the San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3 and the OG Kush, and it is dominantly Indica as per composition (Indica – 70%, Sativa – 30%).

If the total experience of detachment is what you expect in your next cannabis puffs, then you have to try the Fire OG cannabis strain rolls and joints.

Per description and characteristics, the Fire OG’s popularity has something to do with living up to its blazing title or name.

Fire OG’s Family: Understanding its Lineage

  • OG Kush
  • San Fernando Valley OG Kush

Based on its appearance, the Fire OG prompts cannabis users the idea of the image of a live ember or a burning fire by its red and orange hints accentuated by its dominantly green background. The Fire OG has a signature citrus-pine scent complementing its herbal, and the spicy flavor hint that emphasized its potent earthy essence.

Terpene Profile: Fire OG

  • Myrcene (Herbal)
  • Limonene (Citrus)
  • Caryophyllene (Peppery)

Great Way to Burn Insomnia: Light up a Fire OG Joint

Having too much stress due to various factors is inevitable. Stress can put your body into extremes, and you do not want to be in that position. Too much stress can lead you to lose weight that can compromise your overall health. Either you lose your appetite in food, or you have these extreme cravings that can make you overweight. Stress can lead you somewhere you would not prefer.

When enjoying the Fire OG, users (out of 10 peeps) experience:

  • Food Cravings (3/10)
  • Uplifted Feeling (4/10)
  • Euphoric Stance (5/10)
  • Happy Nature (5/10)
  • Relaxed Poise (6/10)

Although you think that stress can give you some golden slumber you wish for, the experience of stress can sometimes compromise your sleeping pattern until insomnia is killing your system. When extreme insomnia strikes, do not just pick up your sleeping pills to help you go to dreamland – try puffing the Fire OG for a different kind of ‘high’ instead. A night of peaceful and deep sleep is one of the main benefits and effects of using the Fire OG.

Serious pot smokers are looking for the Fire OG to help them with:

  • Insomnia (2/10)
  • Pain (2/10)
  • Depression (3/10)
  • Anxiety (3/10)
  • Stress (4/10)

Smoking the Fire OG cannabis strain is also highly recommended for individuals who have been experiencing extreme sleeping disorder and for those who have lingering physical pain. If you want to do a real-deal ‘staycation,’ then consider the Fire OG cannabis stuff as your new handy best friend.

The adverse effects of using cannabis products and items are just part of being controversial plants. A minor episode of anxiety attacks, occasional dizziness, red and dry eyes, and having a cottonmouth (dry mouth) are some of the known side effects of using the Fire OG. For this reason, being responsible advocates of cannabis means you have to consider puffing or to use cannabis after regular working hours.

Out of ten users, puffing-in the Fire OG can trigger:

  • Being anxious, paranoid and dizzy (1/10)
  • Dry Eyes (2/10)
  • Cottonmouth/Dry Mouth (3/10)

Since the Fire OG cannabis strain can lead you to a deep slumber, then smoking joints before bedtime can be ideal. Initially speaking, the effects of the Fire OG can raise your energy to a notch higher; but after an hour or so, that excitement and kick will be turned to the sensation of drowsiness and laziness at the same time. Making you achieve unparalleled bliss, you can now get a night of good night’s sleep.

Trying to Grow Your Own Fire OG Plantation: Think Again

According to some experts, growing the Fire OG cannabis strain either in your indoor or outdoor area can be very challenging. The Fire OG plants require a great deal of attention and care to get its ideal produce and harvest.

Although the Fire OG cannabis plants can grow either in outdoor or indoor environments, seasoned growers prefer them to breed indoors primarily if the consistent warm temperature can never be achieved outdoors. Maturity of the Fire OG cannabis strain is realized after more or less two months.

Key Pointers

  • Planting the Fire OG is not advisable for relatively new cannabis growers
  • Better try different cannabis strains first to plant before dealing with the Fire OG

A Review: But Wait, there is More!

What sets ‘fire’ for stoners who preferred this specific cannabis strain is its terpene profile. The moniker lives up for its expectations- most cannabis users who tried Fire OG made them ‘on fire’ in terms of doing their tasks. Their creative juices went knots higher than the usual as they enjoy Fire OG joints.

The overall relaxed feeling made them decide to make this Fire OG cannabis strain as their priority choice for their next pot sessions. Though some stoners find the flavor seems strange, the overall effect of smoking Fire OG joints can compensate that minor issue.  We are looking for User Reviews. You can base them on actual reviews online. However, do not mention websites, usernames, or directly citing and quoting reviews. Paraphrase them instead.

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