Five Easy Workarounds to Get Unhigh

Five Easy Workarounds to Get Unhigh

You Can Get High, but Keep Your Feet on the Ground

Being a cannabis stoner must be responsible, and when we say ‘keeping feet on the ground,’ it merely means you have to be aware of your limits. Smoking cannabis is already legal in some parts of the globe- but it does not mean you will leave your sense of responsibility at home while puffing a weed joint or two.

When you know your limits, then how to get unhigh from your cannabis pot session can be easy.

Here are some practical workarounds on how to get unhigh you can do to ensure your being is in the realm of reality after hitting high.

Choose Some Mild Cannabis Types

Talking about your limits as a stoner, you have to know that not all cannabis hybrids are equal and the same. Depending on the strain, some weed types can hit you hard after a few puffs. This assertion means that you have to do your part, knowing what cannabis hybrid you aim to try.

If you want to know how to get unhigh as fast as possible, you have to be mindful of the quantity of the cannabis strain you will be taking. To help you with this workaround, you must define whether you smoke cannabis for medicinal purposes only, would it be solely for pleasure, or can it be both. Seasoned weed users have more than enough experience to discern how much they can get today, but can pick up themselves the next day as if nothing happened.

Again, it all boils down to what weed type you are smoking.

Doing Something Like Water Therapy

It is good to know that water is a lifesaver- whether you drink hard or smoke weed; hydrating your body with water is a very effective way cleansing up your system and promoting the process of getting unhigh. Drinking lots of water after a pot session is a must on the list of how to get unhigh, since the presence of the water inside your body can lead you to dispose of some cannabis elements from your system through your urine.

Although eating something can make you unhigh, drinking water must be preferred because of its purity (since water is water). Some stoners during their high moments experience headaches or nausea, and taking a full meal may not be advisable at all.

Staying Calm and Collected

One of the opposite effects of getting a perfect high is having some episodes of being paranoid. When you feel anxious or paranoid after having some cannabis puffs, then it is already an indication you have reached your limit. Staying calm during this moment can make your move more comfortable and efficient.

Panic can be your worst enemy when you become high. Especially if you are stoning all by yourself, it always pays to stay calm and collected all over the ordeal. You can sit down as you hydrate by drinking water, and always bear in mind: there is no such thing as weed overdose deaths.

There is a higher chance that you will die if you do not remain calm and forego drinking water.

Having a Quick Shower

How to get unhigh can be your ultimate goal why you are now smoking a cannabis joint or two this moment. Since you took in elements that can make you high, your bodies may react differently. Jolting your self by taking a shower can be one of the cheapest ways for you to get back on track.

Some seasoned cannabis users try to shower with cold and warm water alternately. If your skin is already impervious against cold water, you may try using warm water first, then surprise yourself by shifting to use cold water as you rinse your body. Taking a shower can also exfoliate your skin, and that can also be considered as ‘hydrating’ your very being.

Hit the Road and Go: Doing some Short Walk Is a Must

The main idea why cannabis users need to drink lots of water is to for weed smokers to do away with the ‘high’ effect. If and only if you can, taking a walking outside is another workaround you can do to help your system work slowly yet surely. Your body’s resiliency in terms of adapting to cannabis high depends on your routine.

It like when you play a sporting activity, when you push your physical limits- your body will eventually acclimatize to the pressure and demands of your businesses of the game. Having a short walk while still feeling a bit of ‘high,’ can push your system to adjust, and start to get unhigh in the process.

There is no such thing as shortcuts in how to get unhigh. This means that before hitting any cannabis joint, you have to be prudent to ensure that there will be tomorrow for your next high times. Prudence will keep the good times rolling.

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