An In-Depth Review of the G13 Cannabis Strain

An In-Depth Review of the G13 Cannabis Strain

The G13 stands for the Government Indica Strain 13, also known as the super strain because of the intensive high it gives.

This strain’s origin is a mystery, which makes it a subject of a few urban legends. It is understandable because the creation of this strain was somewhere between 1960 to 1990 when marijuana was still completely illegal in the US. Because it was illegal, the growers of the strains grown that time were difficult to track.

One of the urban legends states that this strain is the result of the government’s research to improve Paraguay crops.

Among the most reliable urban legend of its origin was the story that it came from one of the hybrids experimented at the University of Mississippi in the 1960s. The government agencies like the FBI and CIA gathered all the best marijuana strains worldwide and conducted hybridization in the said university led by Dr. Carlton Turner.

It was said that a grower named Neville Schoenmaker contacted an unknown technician working on this project to ask the latter if he could leak a marijuana strain. This leakage is the beginning of why the G13 came out into the public.

This story is not valid, but the effects of the strain will make you believe that it is.

This strain became more popular and mysterious when the movie American Beauty featured it.

Despite its unknown origin, High Times Magazine has voted for this strain as the Best High of All-Time.

This strain is Indica-dominant coated with thick trichomes. The taste is sweet pine, mossy, earthy, and creamy, while the smell is sweet, skunky, cheesy, and wild berry-like.

What makes this strain different from the others is its unknown origin and its high THC level.

Effects of the Strain

The effects of the G13 creeps up fast. It provides an intense high. Other users claim that it uplifts their mood when they are sad or stressed, which makes this strain an effective stress reliever.

Aside from its emotional and psychological benefits, the users will also feel relaxed and relieved from pain. They can also feel energetic in the first use.

Side Effects

Just like the other strains, the G13 can produce some side effects. The common ones are dry eyes and dry mouth. Novice users may experience anxiousness and paranoia. Mild headaches and dizziness are possible, although rarely.

Terpene Profile

The G13 is 70 percent Indica and has an average level of THC. Its terpenes produce these strains’ earthy, citrusy, spicy, and peppery scents and tastes. They are also helpful against inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

Profile Summary:

  • 17 to 19 percent THC, which current technology can enhance into 25 percent, and allegedly up to 30 percent
  • <1 to 1 percent CBD
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene


As mentioned, nobody knows the origin of the G13 strain. The information that most people have is a theory that it came from the Afghani. According to this theory, researchers cloned the Afghani and labeled them from G1 to G23. The G13 was the most stable among the clones.

The children of this strain are the G13 Diesel and the C13 Haze.


Growing this strain has a moderate difficulty. You can cultivate it whether indoor or outdoor. This strain can handle the temperature that is as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 85 degrees.

When raising the strain indoors, the Sea of Green (SOG) technique is highly advisable if you want to grow huge buds. Make sure to leave some space between the branches to allow air to circulate and the buds to propagate. Pruning from time to time is also advisable.

This strain can grow tall of up to 78 inches. Therefore, it will need support. Fertilizers like phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium can be helpful too.

Take note that this strain is not for stealthy cultivation because of the skunky smell.

This strain can produce three to six-ounce per square feet. The yield is bigger outdoors than indoors. The flowering time is 9 to 12 weeks, which is usually in late October to early November.


Many stoners stay that the effect of this strain is robust, which makes it ideal for nighttime use. Some users, especially the new ones, cannot remember some of the things they did when they were under the effects of this strain. Meanwhile, others can remember being talkative and friendly.

Other stoners prefer to mix it with a different strain.

Most people claim that it provides a balanced high and cannot turn them into a doped vegetable.

Only a small amount is what one needs to enjoy the effects of this strain.

Most people compare this strain with the Afghani because this is what the famous urban legend states it came from. Both provide a relaxing side effect. What makes the Afghani different is that it can make a person feel more sleepy and hungry. Meanwhile, the G13 can make the users feel happy, uplifted, and euphoric.

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