Get to Know Your Kief (and More)

Get to Know Your Kief and More

Do you know that the resinous trichomes that cannabis produces are called kief? The most potent resin glands are located on the outer leaf of the buds, and this is where the trichomes are formed. The terpene production and the cannabinoid content of the buds are found on the trichomes. And kief has all of that (and more).

Kief Extraction from the Plant

There are several ways to extract kief from a cannabis plant, but the simplest way is to sift and collect it from a three-chamber herb grinder. But this is more applicable for small amounts of kief. If you are extracting larger quantities, then use bigger sifters. You can either DIY or buy from stores, whatever suits you. You can layer the sifters on top of the other to make sure that the kief is well extracted.

You could also collect kief using dry ice if you want to challenge yourself financially. All you need is 500-gram dry ice, one bucket, and a bubble bag. Of course, do not forget the star of the show, your bud. Just place your dried bud in the bubble bag and put dry ice into the bucket with the dried bud. Then take another bubble bag and put it over the bucket in a snug fit, creating a seal. Shake the bucket for 1 minute and flip it upside down and shake again until all

the kief has fallen off. Then collect your kief and store in a safe sealed container.

How to Get That Kief Into Your System

You can get creative in consuming your kief. You can use bongs, vaporizers, rolling papers, pipes; you can also make it into a cannabutter, make a hash out of it, add it to your morning coffee or tea, or make moonrocks. The possibilities are endless. Just pick whatever is more creative for you.

If you want to add your kief into your favorite snack, you have to incorporate it in oil. You have to mix your kief in hot oil in a saucepan on low to medium heat. Use a spoon to stir the kief, and once it is soaked in oil for 40 minutes, you can add your ingredients. This method is best for sauces.

Make a cannabutter with your kief by decarboxylating it using an oven or crockpot. But there is no better way to consume your kief than to pair it with your most loved coffee or tea. Just sprinkle some of your kief into your morning awakener and stir with a spoon. You could also sprinkle it to your steeped tea. It’s just that simple. You don’t need some intervention for your kief because the heat in your coffee or tea will activate the THC and terpenes in your kief.

If you want to make moonrocks with your kief, it’s just as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Select the cannabis of your choice and heat oil in a small saucepan in low heat.
  2. Hold your nug by its corner and carefully dip it into the hot oil, making sure that it is being coated.
  3. While the oil is being cooled, sprinkle some of your kief into your nug. Then, break your now moonrock and throw it into your favorite bowl.

Meanwhile, if you want to hash your kief, you can always heat and pressurize it. This is done to rupture the resin glands of your kief. You will know if the hash is already being formed by its appearance. A hash is like a green ball, but the more pressure is applied, the darker the color becomes. But do not worry if your hash has a different taste than your kief, it is normal.

Kief Storage

The best way to store your kief is through an airtight glass container. To get rid of the excess powder off the walls of your container, you can use a spatula and scrape the excess and keep the contents of the jar fresh and clean. Pro tip: if there is much kief sticking onto the walls of your container, you can throw it into your freezer for a few hours to help loosen up those excess kief. Then, you can scrape those excess kief.

Strains that Make a Good Kief

The following strains are the best for making a good kief:

  • Chemdog – this strain boasts itself with a THC content of 15-20%.
  • White Widow – THC content for this strain ranges from 20-25%
  • Hash Plant – remember trichomes? This strain is heavily frosted with those.
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