An Honest Review of the Gorilla Glue Marijuana Strain

Gorilla Glue Strain Review Your Ultimate Guide

The Gorilla Glue Strain is one of the most sedative cannabis products that users love. In all honesty, it is not suitable for a cannabis novice. With its intensity, the Gorilla Glue Strain will make you feel like a strong adhesive to your couch. It is known for its perfect mix of several high-quality strains, which results in a potent hybrid.

Overview and Genetics

The Original Glue, also known as Gorilla Glue 4, has won several awards, including the Cannabis Cup, because of its impressive and relaxing effects.

This potent strain contains an average of 18 to 25 percent of THC, while the CBD is very low, which ranges between 0.1 to 0.5 percent.

Where Did the Gorilla Glue Strain Come From?

This potent strain got its name from the resins that collect on the scissors’ trimmings. It has several parents due to a wide crossbreed, and its parents are Sour Diesel, Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel.

The Gorilla Glue mainly grows in Colorado. It is a genetic combination of Sour Dubb with Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel. The taste is similar to coffee, but the smell is as strong as diesel. If truth be told, it is one of the strains with the strongest scent. In that case, this hybrid strain is mainly being grown indoors.

The hybrid strain has received awards at the 2014 Cannabis Cup and been described as one of the Best Cannabis Strain of 2019.


This powerful strain is light green. This substance is ready-to-harvest when the leaves look like they have salt or snow on them. It also has trichomes, leaves, and hair sticking out. When you hold this weed, your fingers will become sticky due to its resin, which indicates its high potency.

The Gorilla Glue Strain can grow into an extremely tall plant that can reach up to 80 inches when planted outside.


Because of its parent, Chocolate Diesel, this strain gives the users a taste of mocha or coffee. However, do not be fooled by its delicious flavor since it also comes with a sour punch with a diesel taste. Additionally, you will even taste a bit of spiciness and herbal that comes with a cloud of thick smoke. The unique taste is sure to stay in your mouth for hours.


The Gorilla Glue Strain is known for its earthy and pungent aroma with a hint of diesel and pine. This smell came from its parents – Chocolate Diesel, Chem’s Sister, and Sour Dubb. Due to its strong smell, many marijuana lovers enjoy its taste, too – primarily when you have used Sour Diesel.

Effects of the Gorilla Glue Strain

Whether you’re using this powerful substance as a medical treatment or recreational use, it is a great choice either way.

Its stimulating effects can enhance your enjoyment while giving you a relaxing feeling throughout the day.

However, do not use this information as a substitute for professional medical advice. You must seek medical experts first before using this cannabis product for medicinal purposes.


  • Relaxed: 70%
  • Happy: 57%
  • Euphoric: 54%
  • Uplifted: 42%
  • Sleepy: 28%

After smoking the Gorilla Glue Strain, you will instantly feel uplifted and comfortable in a few minutes. You will easily forget the stress from work and have a relaxing night. Its frosty olive green buds have a tranquilizing effect that can melt you in your couch with joy. While you experience this level of happiness, any chronic pain in your body will also go away.

Helps with…

  • Stress: 33%
  • Pain: 27%
  • Depression: 26%
  • Anxiety: 24%
  • Insomnia: 19%

People who also experience insomnia, depression, anxiety, and pain will also appreciate this potent strain. The effects come in minutes, so you will instantly feel relieved and happy. When used in moderation, this hybrid can be very healthy for your brain, too.

Side effects…

  • Dry mouth: 27%
  • Dry eyes: 14%
  • Dizzy: 5%
  • Paranoid: 4%
  • Anxious: 4%

Terpene Profile

The dominant terpenes in Gorilla Glue are:

  • Caryophyllene: 2.30%

Peppery: A Spicy, peppery terpene that has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Limonene: < 0.01%

Citrus: A Citrus-scented terpene was generally known to provide relief from anxiety and depression.

  • Myrcene: 0.20%

Herbal: The most common marijuana terpene with an earthy scent.

  • Linalool: 5.14%

It promotes better sleep and more energy in the morning.

  • Beta-Pinene: < 0.01%
  • Alpha-Pinene: 1.80%
  • Terpinolene: < 0.01%


  • GG’s main parents: Chem’s Sister and Sour Dubb
  • GG’s children: The CBG Blend and the Big Buddha’s King Kong


  • Hybrid
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Height (inches): > 78
  • Yield (Oz/Ft)2: 1-3
  • Flowering (Weeks): 7-9

The Gorilla Glue Strain can survive both indoors and outdoors. During the vegetative stage, the ideal temperature for this strain is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When it enters the blooming stage, you can lower it by 5 degrees.
The required humidity level at the beginning is 60%. You can drop it to 45% during the flowering stage.


The Rolling Stone has considered the powerful Gorilla Glue as the champion of all strains. It beat the Green Crack (a.k.a. Cush) at #2 and the Alaskan Thunder Fuck (a.k.a. ATF) at #3.

Throughout the years, several users have shown their significant appreciation towards the strain.

According to a previous user, this strain has an excellent and balanced combination of flavors and effects. It will also provide several hours of relaxed bliss. Another satisfied user also noted that this strain would hit you hard that it will literally glue you on to your couch. Most of their reported feelings are happy, euphoric, and relaxed.

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