Ultimate Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Strain Review Guide

Ultimate Grand Daddy Purple Cannabis Strain Review Guide

The controversies and questions using cannabis or some related items are still very debatable. If you are a parent, chances are you would not take the idea of your kids to puff these items.

The Granddaddy Purple Strain has a Family: Lineage

  • Big Bud
  • Purple Urkle

Nonetheless, there are parents with kids having some mental and physical conditions who are testifying that the recommended cannabis (medical marijuana) gave their children a more promising life. Cannabis as a plant is an ‘innocent herb’ until humans tried to burn and inhale it. Nowadays, some scientific researches are dedicated to exploring the controversial potential of this innocent-looking plant, hoping that one day, it can be vindicated and freed from its not-so-good reputation.

Who is your Daddy Now: Understanding the Granddaddy Purple

  • 70% Indica, 30% Sativa (Indica Dominant Hybrid)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 20-27%
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) 1%

Although you have this habit of searching Wikipedia for any information on a given topic, the word ‘granddaddy purple’ or GDP has been deleted for some sensitive purpose. Nonetheless, in the spirit of providing information and some materials, you are in the right place if you are searching for the ‘truth.’ Ken Estes introduced the Granddaddy Purple or GDP sometime early 2000’s.

The Granddaddy Purple is a result of the combination (crossbreeding) of two Indica species of the Big Bud and the Purple Urkle. Thanks to its Purple Urkle component, you can easily distinguish its berry and grape scent.

The Granddaddy Purple’s compact and oversized bud came from Big Bud’s gene. This cannabis breed promises a different kind of experience as it ensures that the separate satisfaction of the relaxed body and the delight of the mind, can be realized because of its expected potency.

Dream On, Dream Away

The Granddaddy Purple information deduced from its parishioners has been more or less compelling. In terms of sensation, most of the Granddaddy or GDP patrons (say 40 – 60%) experience enhanced food cravings, happy feelings, happiness, easing up, and being sleepyhead. Thus, these sensations of Granddaddy Purple euphoria and relaxation are proven to be helping out its user by lowering depression, reducing insomnia, easing pain, preventing anxiety, and relieving stress as well.

GDP Terpenes Profile

  • Myrcene (Herbal)
  • Caryophyllene (Peppery)
  • Pinene (Pine)

Some Stuff Before You Puff

The Granddaddy Purple breed is a savior for individuals who are having some issues with muscle spasms, reduced appetite, difficulty in getting regular sleeping hours (insomnia), being stressed, and the overall sensation of pain.

The Granddaddy Purple harvest is typically more copious (compared to other cannabis breeds) even for conventional indoor growers after more or less two months. The Granddaddy Purple flowers usually have a snow-like sprinkling of white crystal powder accentuated by its deep purple shade backdrop.

According to an average of 10 experienced cannabis smokers, puffing in the Granddaddy Purple gives you a feeling of:

  • Enhanced appetite (3/10)
  • Being euphoric (4/10)
  • Happy nature (5/10)
  • Sleepiness (5/10)
  • Relaxed mood (6/10)

In general, the GDP has a distinct characteristic in terms of its scent. The Granddaddy Purple’s aroma is defined as citrusy and sweet, with a slight splash of some juicy fruits (like grapes and the like) while bearing an unmistakable earthy tinge.

To have an idea of its appearance and aroma is very useful to ensure that patrons and users are buying the real product. Online shopping stores provide more than one or two cannabis types in the general market, and the government is keen on having them with strict regulations.

Nothing is Perfect: Some Undesirable Stuff of Puffing Granddaddy Purple

If something is considered to be ‘too good to be true,’ then that stuff is most likely not real. The Granddaddy Purple’s reputation also has its downside.

In achieving the Granddaddy Purple euphoria and relaxation effects, 3 of 10 users experience dry mouth. Almost 20% felt their eyes were dull as they use this cannabis breed.

Lesser adverse effects include having a headache, a tendency of being paranoid, and an episode of being dizzy. All in all, the Granddaddy Purple information asserts that its overall positive effects override its adverse outcomes. Thus, responsibility in using this type of cannabis should always be monitored by medical experts to avoid the abuse and misuse in getting and achieving the expected Granddaddy euphoria and relaxation.

Planting the Granddaddy Purple

  • Not really suitable for relatively new growers (has moderate difficulty)
  • Growers are advised to watch out for the level of humidity (should be more or less 50%)
  • Relatively low in maintenance (can resist diseases, powdery mildew, pests, and molds)
  • Can thrive either in outdoor and indoor areas, but growers should also take note of overall ventilation

The flowering period is approximately more or less two months (or 8-11 weeks)

Review: Granddaddy Purple Takeaways

Some users consider smoking Granddaddy Purple crack like a kid looking forward to a Christmas present. This assertion was made because of its sweet taste, and its massive and thick smoke led them ‘nothingness’ that they consider bliss- an expectation in every cannabis session they enjoy. Some stoners could not understand the ‘high’ Granddaddy Purple provided on the first minutes they took it in until they repeat the process, and eventually became ‘believers.’

Smoking a Granddaddy Purple joint is somehow a family affair for some cannabis users. It was their fathers who introduced them to the wonderful world of cannabis through Granddaddy Purple. From then on, puffing in this specific cannabis strain is now a family tradition.

A testimonial from a self-proclaimed heavy cannabis user also advised enjoying Granddaddy Purple rolls if you are free for the next five hours or so. Taking his word, Granddaddy Purple is a 10/10 for newbie and experienced stoners alike.

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