How Much Profit Can You Get from Hemp Flower Yield per Acre?

How Much Profit Can You Get from Hemp Flower Yield per Acre

You might already know that you can make money out of hemp flower yield per acre because it is legal in the US despite the imposed restrictions. However, because the legalization of hemp is still new, you can only get a little information on growing it, which includes the profit that you can get from it.

Greg Willison, a farmer and retired, is among some people who make some bucks for growing hemp. He revealed and advised to those who aspire to make cultivating hemp into a business to plant hemp in a small piece of land of about 5 to 10 acres.

Greg gave this advice because of the strict restrictions of Farm Bill 2018. Although the US legalizes the cultivation of hemp, the bill also requires every state to provide boundaries and plans for it.

However, despite challenges like restrictive laws, there is always a brighter side in every circumstance.

How to Grow Hemp

Before knowing how much you can earn on hemp flower yield per acre, you, as a farmer, should understand the challenges that you will face. After all, these challenges are factors of sizing up your capital to know if growing hemp is for you or not.

First, you should know that hemp grows on slightly acidic soil like onions and beans. Therefore, you should either invest in a good soil pH meter or use soil that can grow onions and beans.

The place where you should cultivate your hemp should be free from perennial weeds that will suck the soil’s nutrients, hemp flower yield per acre, and your profit.

Second, hemp does not need much water as other plants do.

Third, growers commonly use greenhouses for seeds, which are typically females. They use them to germinate the seeds before cultivating them outside or in a field. Others use clones for planting their hemp, which an expensive option but provides healthier plants.

Fourth, keep in mind that hemp’s pollen can travel to distances, which can fertilize other plants.

Fifth, you should consider your location in choosing the kind of hemp to cultivate. Some varieties mature earlier, and others do not. Those hemp varieties that grow early are almost ideal because they provide more cannabinoid (CBD) and flowers. However, the ones that mature late require drying and more effort.

Lastly, plan your business, because it will save you a lot of money and avoid wasting valuable resources. It is because by planning your business, you can identify the tools and equipment that you will need. You can also plot the Plan B’s in your business if the unpredictable happens.

Can You Earn a Lot for Selling Hemp Flowers?

MikeLeago, the President and Founder of International Hemp Exchange and COO of High-Grade Hemp Seed, predicts the upward growth of demand on the hemp market.

It is due to a lot of factors, which rooted in the increasing awareness of people on CBD:

  • Stores like Kroger and Walgreens start expanding to selling CBD products.
  • Leago sees new market segmentation for the premium hemp demand, which aims to sell top-grade flowers in the smokable market. This segment is promising because of the high demand for tobacco.
  • Google and Facebook started allowing the CBD ads on their platforms that had begun on topical CBDs. Because of these ads, we can expect the sales would go further.
  • From 2018 to 2019, the Brightfield Group has increased in sales at seven-folds. More than half of these sales came from retailers.

Hemp Sales

In 2017, the industrial hemp sales went up to 820 million dollars. The hemp business reached up to 1 billion dollars in the US when farmers in the 24 states delved into this field. Hemp cultivation goals to produce not only CBD, but also other products like textiles, fiber, building tools, and food.

According to Idaho legislators, industrial hemp has produced 20,000 to 40,000 dollars of hemp per acre recently.

A farmer like Willison and his son revealed to acquire a revenue of 112,500 dollars per acre, cultivating hemp for CBD. He said that when crops are healthy, these can produce hemp flowers of approximately 2000 pounds per acre, which is for CBD purposes alone. These 2000 pounds of hemp flowers can produce almost 50 kilograms of CBD.

However, those hemps that are produced for other products, like fiber, provides less income.

According to Willison, the input cost for growing hemp is approximately 15,000 per acre, which includes a nursery, labor, and the like. In Southwest Idaho, the price of the inputs for other crops is about 50 to 80 percent. The revenue is commonly 2,000 to 5,000 dollars per acre.

The growers are positive that they will receive better revenue for hemp flower yield per acre because they can become better at experience over time.

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