A Comprehensive Review of the Laughing Buddha Strain

A Comprehensive Review of the Laughing Buddha Strain

From the name of the Laughing Buddha strain, you know the kind of effect it gives to its users. It is one of the most favorite Sativa strains among the cannabis connoisseurs, even though it is less popular nowadays. For this reason, it is no surprise that it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003 as the year’s best Sativa.

The Barney’s Farm Seeds from Amsterdam created the Laughing Buddha. The name of this strain is due to its Thai origin. Thailand is Theravada Buddhism’s center. The Barney’s Farm Seeds created this strain by crossing two landrace Sativas that came from Thailand and Jamaica.

The Laughing Buddha strain is 75 percent Sativa. Some claim that it can be 100 percent.

The appearance of the Laughing Buddha is average looking. It has dense oval-shaped buds. Trichomes cover the plant but not enough to create a frosty appearance.

The orange-colored pistils curl and bend around the flower.

Unlike the other strains, the Laughing Buddha’s appearance is mediocre. However, its aroma and taste make up for its appearance. It is like the Blue Cheese and Tangerine Dream strains that focus on the flavor.

The Laughing Buddha is sweet but has herbal tone. There are some hints of pineapple or lemon-like citrus flavor. There are also some traces of herbs like peppers.

This strain provides rich and pungent smoke. Your tongue will be up for a fantastic experience when you consume it.

The smell of this strain is as good as it tastes. Its scent is like a bag of candy once you open the package, although some herbs are traceable in the aroma.

Effects of the Strain

Some Sativa strains can be overwhelming, thus producing undesirable effects like hyperactivity. However, the Laughing Buddha strain is mellow in a way that the users love.

The Laughing Buddha is a thought-provoking strain that stimulates the brain and heightens focus, inspiration, and senses.

The effects hit immediately. Some users might feel disconcerted or uncomfortable about the initial impact, but what follows is a cerebral high.

This strain enhances the senses of hearing and seeing, which might be uncomfortable for some people but not for every user.

The small percentage of Indica might kick in by giving relaxing warmness from head to toe, but not enough to cause a couchlock effect. The relaxing effect can still make the users clear-headed and undistracted from the things that they want to do.

The Laughing Buddha strain can make the users feel happy and upbeat. It is because of its giggling effect, which is the reason for its fame. Therefore, it is useful for improving mood and treating depression. It helps the users feel that their burden eases away by giving them a positive and blissful view of life.

This strain makes users feel confident and friendly. Therefore, the Laughing Buddha is effective against anxiety disorders. Moreover, it is also an ideal strain against bipolar, attention-deficit disorder (ADD), and post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD).

Aside from the emotional benefits, this strain enhances the users’ focus and inspiration. It motivates the users to do what they have to do within the day; thus, making them more productive.

The Laughing Buddha provides energy, which makes it a useful strain against fatigue. It is also effective against mild to moderate pain.

It stimulates the users’ appetite if they want to gain more weight.

Meanwhile, like any other cannabis strains, the Laughing Buddha can cause dry eyes and dry mouth. Overconsumption may also lead to paranoia and anxiety. That is why it is best to set boundaries and know your tolerance.

Terpene Profile

The Laughing Buddha strain contains 18 to 24 percent THC, 0.01 to 0.23 percent CBD, 1.65 percent CBG, and 0.09 percent CBC. Aside from these components, this strain also contains terpenes that are responsible for its flavors, scents, and some therapeutic benefits.

Here is the summary of its terpene profile:

  • Linalool
  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Terpinolene
  • Humulene


The parents of the Laughing Buddha strain are from the landrace strains of Sativa from Jamaica and Thailand.


Growing this strain is difficult. It requires a lot of patience because of the long harvesting time. Moreover, it grows fast.

The good news is that you can cultivate this strain indoors or outdoors. All it needs is a warm environment, which is not surprising at all because of its Thai and Jamaican heritage.

When the colas grow large, you should prune it and provide support to produce the desired yield.

The Laughing Buddha can grow more than 78 inches tall. It can provide 1 to 3 ounces per square-feet yield. The flowering time takes longer, which can be between 10 to more than 12 weeks for indoor cultivation and mid-late October for outdoor growing.


The Laughing Buddha is ideal for morning or evening use. Cannabis connoisseurs love it because it induces laughter, which makes it suitable for those who suffer from depression and sadness while enhancing focus and motivation. This strain enables them to feel more productive to finish their daily activities.

On the other hand, novice users might find this strain overwhelming. It is best to start with a small amount to determine how much of this strain you can handle. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable, look for other strains.

Some users compare the Laughing Buddha to Boombaye because both can make them feel happy. However, the Boombaye is more effective for giving euphoria and creativity, while the Laughing Buddha strain is better for providing giggles, uplifted mood, and energy.

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