The Ultimate Moby Dick Strain Review

The Ultimate Moby Dick Strain Review

The characteristics of the Moby Dick strain fit for its name. Having a head-heavy high, which is not for beginners, is one of its massive features. Taking this strain feels like somebody hits you with a giant whale.

Its other massive characteristic is that it is a tall plant that can provide up to 1500 grams of yield. Therefore, with its features, you only have to remember the massive whale’s name for you not to forget this strain.

The reason why it is not for beginners is that it contains an extremely high level of THC, which is uncommon. The Moby Dick’s THC level can be up to 27 percent, which is also the reason for its fame.

Because of its massive characteristics, the Moby Dick strain won as the “Girl of the Year” in 2010 from a newspaper called Soft Secrets.

Dinafem Seeds, a group of scientists from Amsterdam, created the Moby Dick by crossing the White Widow and Haze.

The Moby Dick is 75 percent Sativa and 25 percent Indica.

Aside from being a tall plant, its buds are thick and heavy, and their colors range from light to dark green. Orange-colored pistils cover the bud and twirl around the leaves.

Trichomes that cover the leaves look like it covers the strain with frost.

The aroma and flavor of the strain are citrusy, sweet, and earthy like its parent Haze. Upon the first whiff, you can smell the citrus, followed by earthy and spicy scents. Users with a good sense of smell can also detect menthol, vanilla, and pine, which resemble some of the aromas of the White Widow.

The taste of the Moby Dick strain is almost the same as it smells, although it has some twist. By smoking, you can taste the sour lemon toned down by creamy vanilla and a tinge of pine. The smoke it exudes is mellow and balanced, which unlikely can cause coughing.

Effects of the Strain

The Moby Dick is a fast-hitting strain that provides substantial cerebral effects. These effects are not surprising because the strain is Sativa-dominant. Some users, especially the new ones, can find the high overwhelming.

The cerebral high can last up to an hour, while the residual effects can last for up to two hours.

It gives an uplifting high. It makes the users feel euphoric and happy, which makes the strain ideal against depression. It can change the users’ negative emotions into care, love, and compassion.

Aside from the emotional benefits, the Moby Dick strain can also boost energy and provide relaxation, which helps users with fatigue and muscle spasms.

It can also help against eating disorders and mild pain because the strain can boost hunger, and it is also a mild analgesic.

However, you should expect some adverse effects. The common ones among cannabis are dry eyes and dry mouth. Keeping oneself hydrated can mitigate the impact and decrease the tendency to have headaches and grogginess associated with dehydration.

The more severe side effects are paranoia and anxiousness due to the high THC level of the strain. For this reason, new users should stay away from this strain as well as those who have a low THC tolerance level.

Terpene Profile

The Moby Dick strain contains up to 27 percent THC. Lab tests reveal that another compound called THCV is also present. This compound has mild psychedelic, euphoric, and spacy effects.

Here is the summary of the terpenes of Moby Dick:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Linalool
  • Humulene
  • Myrcene


The Moby Dick is a result of the cross-breeding between the White Widow and Haze. Its child is the Total Paralysis.


Growing the Moby Dick is moderately difficult, although it is resistant to molds, diseases, and mildews. The cultivation is rewarding because of its high yield and fast growth.

However, maintenance like trimming is necessary to achieve the desired amount of yield.

Outdoor cultivation is highly advisable primarily if the environment can provide a Mediterranean-like temperature. If you want to grow it indoors, you need to give a spacious environment because of its height. You also need to control the heat because the Moby Dick needs a lot of sunlight.

The Moby Dick strain can grow as much as 12 feet. However, it can provide up to 650 grams per square meter of yield for indoor cultivation and 1500 grams per plant for outdoors.

The flowering time is 9 to 10 weeks for indoors and in early October for outdoors.


It is advisable to use this strain in the daytime.

Many users consume the strain for stress-relief and emotional uplift.

Despite its desirable benefits, this strain is not for new users because of the overwhelming high. Experienced users, who are planning to use this strain for the first time, should start with low doses to learn how much of it they can handle.

The Moby Dick is available as edibles, tinctures, candies, concentrates, gummies, and extracts.

Some users who are new to cannabis do not know the difference among strains like the contrast between the Moby Dick and the Zombie OG.

Both the Moby Dick and the Zombie OG can cause dry mouth at almost the same level. However, the Zombie OG is Indica-dominant. Its usage is for relaxation, creativity, and sedation.

On the other hand, the Moby Dick is Sativa-dominant. Users consume the Moby Dick strain for energy, emotional uplift, and euphoria.

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