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In line with the MRWC’s goals of increasing regional coordination and communication, and maximizing funding efficiency for public education efforts, individuals involved in state-based invasive species education efforts from the MRWC’s participating states formed an outreach committee in 2009. Goals of the outreach committee include: developing and distributing effective outreach products and publications; adapting existing products and tools from the MRWC states for application across the region; and promoting the MRWC and its efforts.

The publications and videos below were developed and/or adapted by the MRWC (in conjunction with the Center for Invasive Species Management) or its member states and regional partners.


sportsman's guide
ans guide
ans guide


Sportsmen's Fight Against Invasives Video Series

Produced by Wild Dakota Outdoor Television in partnership with the MRWC, this series of eight videos was designed to raise awareness among sportsmen of invasive species and their impacts on hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation.

Invasive Species and Sportsmen

No Hitchhikers

Fight Five

Early Detection Rapid Response

Invasive Species and Anglers

Invasive Species and Waterfowl Hunters

Invasive Species and Upland Game Hunters

Invasive Species and Big Game Hunters


Weedy Stowaways, Western Horseman (September 2012)

Innovative Conservation Approaches for Russian Olive and Saltcedar Management, TechLine Invasive Plant News (Spring 2013)

Species Invaders, Cowboys & Indians (Summer 2013)

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