The Ultimate Northern Lights Cannabis Strain Review

Northern Lights Strain Review: What You Need to Know

The Northern Lights Strain is an award-winning Inidica-dominant strain (95 pct. Indica, 5 pct. Sativa), which first hit the shelves in the 1980s. It is formerly known as CI #55 F1 and a descendant of the indigenous Thai Landrace and Afghani strains.

The Northern Lights #1 strain has become rare these days. It is a taller and frostier version of the Northern Lights with a fresh scent.

The Northern Lights #2 is a piney-smelling, mite-resistant, and stouter version.

The Northern Lights #5 is the most famous, potent, and robust version, while the Northern Lights #9 is a super-rare version created by Nevil Schoenmaker, which is only intended for breeding, has now disappeared.

Overview and Genetics

The Northern Lights Strain is one of the strains with a long history and highest demand in the legal cannabis market. This strain is cherished for its aromatic buds, fast flowering, and growth resilience. It originally sprouted near Seattle, Washington, but was promoted in Holland (also known as Sensi Seeds) last 1985.

The Northern Lights Strain originated with the Super Sativa Seed Club – one of the earliest major seed banks. Throughout the years, it has been crossed with new variety and gave birth to the world-famous hybrids – the Shiva Skunk, the Hash Plant, and the Super Silver Haze. It is also the parent of the Bloos Kloos and the Leonidas.


The buds of Northern Lights are tightly packed, with thick sugar leaves that bulge slightly outward. The strain is deep olive green in tone, with sometimes going through traces of purple and blue, wherein looking closer to the colors will let the northern lights appear.


The Northern Lights Strain has a piney and earth-like flavor. After a few minutes, its flavor will turn into some more dynamic. You will now begin to notice the rich and candy-like flavor, which makes a pleasant combination. For that reason, most marijuana users smoke it at night.


The Northern Lights Strain’s scent is something unique and refreshing. It has a peppery smell and reaches your nose instantly, filling whatever space it is in with the aroma of dank ganja.

Effects of the Northern Lights Strain


  • Relaxed: 64%
  • Happy: 52%
  • Euphoric: 51%
  • Sleepy: 42%
  • Uplifted: 32%

The Northern Lights generates traditional Indica down-tempo pleasures that are ideal for deep conversations with your buddies, tai-chi, meditation, and various soothing exercises, or even while relaxing on your couch and watching your favorite series.

Helps with…

  • Stress: 42%
  • Pain: 32%
  • Anxiety: 31%
  • Insomnia: 29%
  • Depression: 25%

The Northern Lights Strain is a highly-sedative substance. Therefore, it can be used as a medical medication to relieve the effects of anxiety, stress, and depression. Many users also love it because it weakens their chronic pain, too. What makes this substance stand out more is because of its strong appetite-inducing effect, which is perfect for people who suffer from anorexia.

Side effects…

  • Dry mouth: 34%
  • Dry eyes 17%
  • Dizzy: 8%
  • Paranoid: 5%
  • Headache: 3%

Terpene Profile

  • Linalool: 0.01%
  • Caryophyllene oxide: < 0.01%
  • Myrcene: 0.29%
  • Beta-Pinene: < 0.01%
  • Limonene: < 0.01%
  • Terpinolene: < 0.01%
  • Alpha-Pinene: < 0.01%
  • Humulene: 0.33%
  • Caryophyllene: 0.31%
  • Terpene total: 0.93%


  • Main parents: Thai Landrace (Tha) and Afghani (Afg) strains
  • Main children: Bloos Kloos and Leonidas


  • Indica
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Height (inches): < 30
  • Yield(Oz/Ft)²: 3-6
  • Flowering (Weeks):7-8
  • Resistance to disease: Low resistance

The Northern Lights Strain grows up easily. You can plant it both indoors and outdoors, but it requires greenhouse cultivation if you want to have a higher yield. Compared to other cannabis strains, the Northern Lights prefers warmer temperatures. It usually requires 22 up to 29 degrees Celsius. You should also make sure that the airflow and humidity in its environment are well-regulated.

Moreover, this strain can become extremely bushy. Therefore, you must also trim it regularly to ensure that the sunlight can also reach its lower parts. The Northern Lights Strain’s flowering time is between seven to eight weeks, which is pretty quick.

The Northern Lights Strain can give you a high yield when you took care of it properly. If you are planning to plant it outside, make sure it is during the summer months to ensure its maximum yield.

With this strain, you can harvest up to 100 grams of fresh weed per plant. Due to its high potency, you can always expect this high amount.


The Northern Lights Strain has received an average rating of 4.9 stars among the top marijuana websites.

According to a customer review, this substance has helped him in battling the pain caused by his diseases. Its daily usage allows him to live better.

According to another user, it is the best weed to ease chronic pain, which is also not too harsh on your throat.
This impressive strain has been included in the Best Indica Strains to Grow Indoors as Top #2. Behind it are the Money Maker, Hash Plant, and Critical Kush.

The Northern Lights Strain has indeed created an excellent reputation worldwide.

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