A Comprehensive Guide of the Northern Lights Weed

A Comprehensive Guide of the Northern Lights Weed


The Northern Lights Weed is one of the most famous Indica strains. It is because it is one of the few that has the almost pure phenotype consisting of 90 to 100 percent Indica.

The exact history of this strain is a mystery, but many users and connoisseurs believe that this strain is a cross of Afghani and Thai.

Currently, three phenotypes are available in the market. The label of the phenotypes is according to the numbering of the seeds in their origin in the year 1985. These phenotypes are the Northern Light No. 5, No. 1, and No.2.

The No. 5 is the strongest and the most famous among the others. The others are the phenotypes that growers use to cross the other strains with, although users can enjoy them on their own. The No. 1 is rare and has a refreshing scent, while the No. 2 has pine scent and resistant to pests like mites.

There is this other phenotype called the No. 9, but this is the rarest among them.

According to the rumors, this strain came from Seattle, and the Sensi Seeds from Amsterdam perfected this strain. The Sensi Seed’s name at that time was Sensi Bank by Neville Schoenmaker.

This strain is compact and dense. The trichomes cover the buds that have purple hues.

The aroma of this strain is pungent, spicy, and sweet.

This strain is highly prevalent in Colorado and the West Coast.

Effects of the Strain

The high that the Northern Lights Weed provides settles in the body. The euphoria that the users can feel is dreamy-like.

This strain provides users with a sense of happiness and well-being. This strain calms the mind, which makes it great cannabis against stress, anxiety, and depression.

This strain also relaxes the muscles, which gives the users the feeling of laziness. This effect is helpful against pain and insomnia because of the sedation it provides.

Moreover, this strain helps boost one’s appetite. Users with anorexia and bulimia can benefit from this strain.

According to experienced users, the strain can increase their creativity. Even though this strain is almost-pure Indica, they claim that they still can focus.

However, like the other cannabis strains, the Northern Lights Weed can cause dry eyes and cottonmouth; that is why it is essential to use eye drops and drink water to prevent these. Aside from these side effects, it may also cause dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia in a higher dosage.


The Northern Lights Weed consists of 14 to 19 percent THC and less than 1 percent CBD. Its earthy, citrusy, peppery, and spicy scents and flavors are due to its terpenes. It is also because of the terpenes why users can enjoy its medicinal benefits.

The summary of its notable terpenes:

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • caryophyllene


According to rumors, the Northern Lights Weed is the result of crossbreeding the Afghani and the Thai strains. The children are the Wipeout Express and the California Grapefruit.


Growing the Northern Lights Weed is easy and advantageous, even new breeders can cultivate it.

According to the Sensi Seeds, it is better to grow this strain indoors, but outdoor cultivation works too.

Cultivating this strain has a lot of advantages, which include a short flowering time of up to 50 days and a huge yield. This strain is easy to clone too. Growers should not worry about molds and mildews because of its resilience. Moreover, if you want to plant this strain discreetly, you do not have to feel scared because this strain does not exude a strong odor that can give you away.

Because this strain is Indica, the growers should not have to worry about the vertical space, because this strain does not grow more than 30 inches. The yield is impressive, too, because it can give 3 to 6 ounces per square foot.

By the end of September to October, the grower can already harvest.


This strain is a favorite of growers, patients, and recreational users, because of its several benefits. They can use it, whether medicinally, commercially, or recreationally.

Most users mainly use it at nighttime because of the body-heavy high it gives. With its 90 to 100 percent Indica characteristic, it is not surprising at all. The effects can be overwhelming to less experienced users even if they take it in a low dosage. Therefore, if you are a novice user, you might want to start with other strains before trying this.

Most people compare this strain with the OG Kush as both provide relaxation and stress relief.

However, the OG Kush is better in providing happiness, euphoria, and mood boost. It is also more beneficial to depression.

On the other hand, this strain is better for relieving pain and headaches. It is also better for inducing sleep, which makes the Northern Lights Weed a better option for treating chronic pain and insomnia.

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