A Comprehensive Review of the NYC Diesel Strain

A Comprehensive Review of the NYC Diesel Strain

The NYC Diesel is an award-winning, mostly Sativa cannabis hybrid. It is well-known for having a very rare taste that also delivers a powerful punch that can activate the mind as much as it energizes the body.

The strain boasts a high concentration of THC, which is a major reason for all its impressive therapeutic benefits, especially in relieving social anxiety and stress and replace it with enthusiasm and energy.

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Overview and Genetics

The NYC Diesel cannabis strain was bred by Soma Sacred Seeds using the legendary and impressive Sour Diesel strain and an Afghani and Mexican landrace. What came about is a tasty Sativa-dominant hybrid, with a 60% Sativa and 40% Indica profile, that boasts a wide range of medicinal properties.

The strain won the Cannabis Cup nine-time, mainly because of the impressive and powerful high it can provide to cannabis smokers. But more than that, it has potent effects in terms of providing relief to various kinds of medical conditions.

Like most sativa-dominant cannabis strains, the NYC Diesel offers a wonderful boost in terms of focus, energy, and overall positive outlook and mood. Especially with its average THC concentration of 15% to 20%, the effects it can provide are powerful.


In terms of appearance, the NYC Diesel is nothing short of wonderful to look at. It boasts vibrant buds with yellow, blue, and purple coloring. The olive green buds of the strain are also complemented well with bright orange trichomes that give it a crystal-like coating.


Flavor-wise, the strain has a mouthwatering sour taste with tanginess and string citrus flavors. The NYC Diesel cannabis strain also boasts a pungent flavor complemented with shocking sweet lime taste. The aftertaste of the strain, on the other hand, can best resemble the taste of fresh grapefruit that brings a pleasant and unique experience for the taste buds.


The distinct pungent smell of the NYC Diesel is reminiscent of its Sour Diesel parentage. It features a strong diesel-like fragrance, but with notes of fruity scent that fills the room. Overall, the smell of the strain can be best described as pungent and sweet at the same time, which does a great job of stimulating the senses.


The NYC Diesel cannabis strain is highly popular around the Washington area, especially in Seattle, Vancouver, Tacoma, Shoreline, and Bremerton. The strain is also popular around Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as in Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; and Oklahoma City,

Effects of the Strain


  • Happy – 61%
  • Uplifted – 54%
  • Euphoric – 53%
  • Relaxed – 44%
  • Energetic – 41%

The high that comes from the 15% to 20% of THC of the NYC Diesel provides a potent shot of boost in the mood, euphoria, and a trigger for creativity. With the strong sense of euphoria it can provide to cannabis smokers, the NYC Diesel is best used for relaxing but keeping the head clear if you have to get things done for the day.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress Relief – 41%
  • Anti-Anxiety – 31%
  • Anti-Depression – 28%
  • Pain Relief – 26%
  • Nausea Relief – 14%

The potent high and mood boost from the NYC Diesel cannabis strain is very helpful in treating various kinds of conditions, especially mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. It is also very useful in treating chronic pain, relieving symptoms such as nausea, and lack of appetite.

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth – 32%
  • Dry Eyes – 21%
  • Paranoia – 7%
  • Dizziness – 6%
  • Headache – 5%

Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophyllene


Main Parents: Sour Diesel strain and Mexican (Mex) and Afghani (Afg) landraces

Main Children: NY-47 (N47) and Sourlope (Slp)


  • Sativa-Dominant strain
  • Growing Difficulty – difficult
  • Plant Height – over 70 inches
  • Yield – 3-6 oz per square feet
  • Flowering Time – 10-12 weeks

The NYC Diesel can thrive in both outdoor and indoor environments. However, cultivating the strain outdoor might prove to be difficult, especially with the requirements needed to gain a successful harvest. It is why the NYC Diesel is often grown indoors by a lot of cultivators. But, for those who want to grow the strain indoors, the plant will thrive best in a warm and dry climate.

The NYC Diesel is one of the big strains there is, with its height going over 78 inches, in which growing space for the strain can sometimes be an issue.

What Users Are Saying

The Sour Diesel is one of the popular and highly favorite strains for a lot of medicinal and casual cannabis smokers, and it is not surprising that its offspring would be a crowd favorite as well. A lot of cannabis smokers rave about the flawless quality of the NYC Diesel strain in its appearance, flavor, and its smell. They also love the invigorating effect of the strain that can be a massive blow and lift the spirit.

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