Invasive Plant Inventory and Survey Methods for Land Managers: A Web Seminar Series


Center for Invasive Species Management, USDA Western Integrated Pest Management Center, Montana State University and Extension Service, University of Idaho, Utah State University, and USDA Agricultural Research Service

Project Summary

In 2009, CISM received a grant from the Western IPM Center to develop and present a series of six interactive web seminars on invasive plant inventory and survey methods. This FREE seminar series is based on chapters from the publication Inventory and Survey Methods for Nonindigenous Plant Species (L.J. Rew and M.L. Pokorny, editors, 2006, Montana State University Extension). CISM coordinated and funded the development and printing of the publication, which presents practical inventory and survey methods that are successfully applied over large areas, and provides guidance on selecting methods to best meet the objectives of an integrated pest management strategy. Six chapters from the publication are being presented. Presenters are indicated in bold and are the chapter authors except where noted.

  • Getting Started: Fundamentals of Nonindigenous Plant Species Inventory/Survey
    Monica L. Pokorny, Steven A. Dewey, and Steven R. Radosevich
    Erik Lehnhoff of CISM will be presenting
  • Landscape-Scale Wildland Inventories/Surveys: Utah State University Methods
    Steven A. Dewey and Kimberly A. Andersen
  • Digital Aerial Sketch-Mapping for Early Detection and Mapping
    Jason W. Karl and Mark Porter
  • Stratified Random Sampling Method
    Lisa J. Rew and Bruce D. Maxwell
  • Adaptive Sampling Design
    Timothy S. Prather
  • Remote Sensing for Detection of Nonindigenous Species
    Timothy S. Prather and Lawrence W. Lass

The web seminar series is made possible through a grant from the Western Integrated Pest Management Center. Web seminar delivery services are provided by Montana State University Extension.

Project Resources

Inventory and Survey Methods for Nonindigenous Plant Species Publication: Table of contents, Order information
Western IPM Center

Web Seminar Recordings and Presentations

Six live web seminars on inventory and survey methods were offered January 13 - February 24, 2010. The seminar recordings and PowerPoint slides are available for viewing below. Recordings are 75 minutes.