A Papaya Strain Review Guide

A Papaya Strain Review Guide

Nirvana Seeds wanted to create a fruity strain of their own, and the Papaya strain is the result of their creation that meets this aim. The company created this strain by crossing the Ice No. 2 with the Citral No. 13. The Papaya is popular among the cannabis connoisseurs because of its unique effects that can be beneficial.

Mostly, this strain is a hybrid of 50 percent Indica and 50 percent sativa. Others can reach up to 80 percent indica, which makes this strain indica-dominant. Yet, users can still experience the Sativa effects of this strain.

The Papaya is a beautiful strain. The flowers are white and pink. The buds are fluffy, which they appear like thick dewdrops are covering them. Yet, the color is unlike the Papaya fruit, because this strain is dusty dim green.

Orange hairs are also covering the buds.

Aside from its elegant appearance, the taste and scent of this strain is something to behold.

The overtone flavors are fruity, sweet, and spicy with notes of Papaya and mango.

When smoked, the taste when inhaled is like white pepper. Upon exhale, the flavor is hash herbal.

The scent is as pleasant as its taste. The aroma is similar to papaya, which is not surprising and reminds you of the tropical beaches. The smell has spicy and peppery undertones.

When you break it, the smell becomes stronger, which can remind you of a fruit salad. The scent alone can already give you a sense of calmness.

When smoked, there are notes of fruits that remind of the tropical beach and campfire.

Effects of the Strain

The Papaya strain gives the users a body-heavy high, which produces a relaxing and calming effect from head to toe. The high it gives makes you feel like you are resting on a tropical beach while feeling lazy.

This strain may provide two kinds of high because of its Sativa  side. The other type of high can give users some energy and creativity, enabling them to finish their tasks. Its Sativa  side uplifts the users’ mood.

This strain is excellent for those who have issues in focusing and hyperactivity. It is also perfect for those who battle with depression because of its ability to eliminate negativity.

At the end of the high, the users commonly fall asleep.

The Papaya provides a sense of calmness and happiness, which makes it a useful strain against anxiety and stress. Its Sativa lineage offers users the ability to focus and enhances their creativity. Therefore, artists who need inspiration can use this strain.

By using the sativa-side effects of the Papaya, the users can eliminate the stoned effects of this strain. However, these desirable results might not apply to all users, especially when taken in a large amount.

Because the Papaya induces sleepiness, insomniacs can benefit from this strain too.

Additionally, it induces hunger, which benefits those with eating disorders.

The high this strain gives has numbing effects, which can relieve mild to chronic pains like cramps and migraines. Its Sativa side provides an energizing effect that combats fatigue.

Yet, like any other strain, the Papaya can also cause dry eyes and mouth. That is why it is best to have a bottle of water nearby to keep oneself hydrated. Also, if consumed the wrong way, users might experience dizziness, headache, and paranoia. Other users might also experience these effects because their body reacts negatively to this strain.

Terpene Profile

The Papaya strain contains 13 to 25 percent THC, which is above-average and potent. Because of its high level of THC, this strain contains less than 1 percent CBD.

Here is the summary of the terpenes, which provides some of the strain’s therapeutic benefits and flavors.

  • Pinene
  • Geraniol
  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene


The Papaya strain came from the crossbreeding of the Ice No.2 and the Citral No. 13. Others say that it came from the cross between the Skunk and the Jack Herer.


Good news for novice growers out there. This strain is easy to cultivate, and it develops fast. It is also small enough to fit in a limited space.

Therefore, you can grow this strain indoors or outdoors.

The advisable temperature for the better quality of the scent and flavor is like the temp of the late summer. However, the effects of the strain grown this way are not strong. The Sea of Green method works for this strain too.

When grown outdoors, the Papaya can provide up to 800 grams of yield per harvest. However, the yield of the Papaya when grown indoors is smaller, which is only up to 150 grams per harvest.

The flowering time is between 9 to 11 weeks for indoors and in October for outdoors.


The Papaya strain is perfect for evening or lazy afternoon use. It is an advisable strain if you have nothing to do or if you are about to sleep. It is also a perfect strain if you are looking for a way to relax your mind and body after a busy day at work. A small intake of the Papaya can already make you smile.

Many users love the scent and flavor of this strain. They use it if they want to induce sleep or to calm their issues like attention-deficit and anxiety disorders.

Many users compare this strain with the White Strawberry because both are effective for relieving stress. However, the White Strawberry is better for giving happiness and alleviating depression. The Papaya strain provides better euphoria and the ability to focus while inducing sleep and reducing pain.

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