Quick Guide: All About Shake Weed

Quick Guide All About Shake Weed

No, it is not the frothy drink. Unless you want to get high with your shake, then yes. But basically, Shake Weed is the leftovers from your weed stash. Notice some pieces of buds and the flower that is left whenever you separate your buds and store them? That is shake weed. But if you are worried it might not have the same amount of high from where it came from, do not fret. It has just the same amount of THC as the bud where it came.

Where to Buy Shake Weed

Oftentimes, your supplier of weed, well, medical dispensaries, will always have the shake weed available at discounted prices. Most dispensaries that sell their weed in big jars will always have the shake. You can buy shake in dispensaries by the gram to a full ounce.

If dispensaries do not sell it as its own, the budtenders usually make it into pre-rolled joints. But do not be fooled as some dispensaries will use multiple strains of shake weed to fill a joint if there is not enough shake. And this will be a problem for those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

How to Use Shake Weed

There are several ways on how to use your shake. But the following would be better:

  • Add it to your joint – you can grind your shake and add it to your joint stash.
  • Put in a vaporizer – they say those smoking leftovers from a joint is a crime against common sense, but vaping it will do justice. You can grind your leftovers in a pot grinder and vape away.
  • Cannabis-infused goodies – you can add your shake into your favorite goodies! Don’t worry because it will still have the same effect as to the buds that it came. Just don’t forget to heat your shake first before infusing it into your favorite cookie.
  • Make a shake salve – speaking of infusing, why not infuse your shake in a salve? If you have dry skin patches or minor dermatological concerns, you can rub some of that shake salve into the affected area. It will help heal the wounds since the extracted plant is rich in essential oils.

Pros and Cons of Shake Weed

First-time users would often ask if shake weed is good or bad, but the only answer to that is both.

The first positive thing we can think of is that shake is cheaper than nugs. If you use shake as one of our recommendations above, then you will get the best out of your money. And if your shake has been lying at the bottom of your bag for some time, it might become extra potent because of the accumulation of kief. But if not, then it is just as strong as your regular weed.

But the risks of buying shake will always come from the trimmings, the collection of shakes from different strains, and the improper storage of your shake. If you do not store your shake properly, it will dry out, and that is something you want to avoid.

How to Know if Shake is Good or Not

If you are into pre-rolled joints, it is better to ask your dispensary if the shake that you are getting is only from one source. Because chances are, it is not. Often, budtenders fill pre-rolled joints with different strains of weed if they run out of shakes of only one strain. This will be a problem for you if you are suited with just a particular strain of weed or if you are using shake as a medicine. With this, it will always be better to buy shake as it is than buying pre-rolled joints.

If you know the difference between a shake and a trim, that is good for you. Because most sellers will try to sell you shake with trims. Trims are being separated from the flower before curing because it is full of chlorophyll and gives off a harsh smoke.

But you have extra bucks on you; you might level up to a premium harvest shake. Premium harvest shakes mean that the shake you are buying comes from only one flower. This is a bigger upgrade and a better shake weed experience.

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