The Ultimate Red Dragon Strain Review

The Ultimate Red Dragon Strain Review

Most often than not, rational humans have a way of categorizing stuff for the simple reason of identification. For this reason, you may have some unfounded impression of something intimidating and harsh when you heard the name Red Dragon Strain for the first time. Thanks to the timeless classic of the ‘Silence of the Lambs’ series, the tag Red Dragon may sound too evil to consider.

Nonetheless, for information’s sake- this particular cannabis strain is far from the sadistic scenarios you saw in the film. The tag of this cannabis strain is just trying to live to its reputation as a weed for classy stoners for several reasons. As a friendly warning for newbie cannabis users, this specific weed strain may not be for you in the early stages of your journey as stoners.

Terpene Profile: Understanding the Flavor of the Dragon

  • Myrcene (herbal)
  • Caryophyllene (peppery)
  • Limonene (citrus)

The unique benefits of this particular cannabis strain are not restricted to leisure and relaxation routine. A lot of patients tried this weed hybrid to take advantage of its medicinal value and strengths. Every puff has this unique high that can aid release low mood and fatigue, as well as inspire overall creativity and productivity.

The stoners’ anxiety and stress will just be blown away to nothingness once they let the essence of this weed hybrid stay in their being. This cannabis strain flaunts a sophisticated mixture of spice with some hint of herbal extracts, and woody pine odors as well. The unique high of this weed strain is undoubtedly a sensation you must experience to be a true-blooded cannabis stoner.

Why the Red Dragon Is a Potent Cannabis Strain

  • 60% Sativa, 40% Indica (Sativa Dominant Hybrid)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 15-19%
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) more or less 1%

Since it is a Sativa Dominant cannabis, stoners should expect that whenever they puff the Red Dragon rolls, there is a tendency for them to be socially confident- happy, talkative and giggly. This unique weed hybrid is considered to be one of the energizer strains. This premise means that if stoners are searching for an energetic kick without the sluggish effects, then this cannabis breed is for you.

The Red Dragon Gene Pool: What the Family Can Offer

  • Utopia Haze (a Sativa originating from Brazil)
  • West Himalayan Kush

4 to 6 (out of 10) stoners who tried some Red Dragon rolls confirmed they experienced the following feelings:

  • Energetic
  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Happy

1 to 3 (out of 10) experienced cannabis users testified that they choose the Red Dragon for them to cope up with:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Pain
  • Depression
  • Stress

Being anxious, dizzy, and paranoid are some of the expected adverse effects once you start hitting on any cannabis strain. Having dry eyes and mouth are also common when you smoke the Red Dragon rolls as well.

The peeps at Barney’s Farm are responsible for breeding and propagating this specific cannabis hybrid. It is considered as one of the best weed strains because it can deliver the ultimate feel-good high that can lead you to giggle due to untainted bliss. Smoking a Red Dragon joint is excellent at handling mental health issues and problems.

This weed is the best cannabis strain for you if you have extreme tolerance. However, if you are a newbie stoner, you must try a relatively more comfortable weed to smoke at first.

Cultivating Your Red Dragon Information

The grow difficulty level, according to veteran cannabis producers, is relatively more relaxed compared to other weed with ‘controversial’ tags or names.

Indoor areas are the best places where you can plant this cannabis hybrid, but any weed planter is welcome to cultivate this particular weed strain in an outdoor location, especially if you have the so-called ‘green thumb.’

It takes more or less two months for the harvest to be ready.

Investing in a ventilation system is highly suggested to ensure that clean and fresh air is circulating through the growing perimeter.

Some Items Every Stoner Must Expect: On Red Dragon Strain Reviews

Information you can get and read can give you ideas on how any cannabis will perform once you light them up. However, every wise stoner needs to check out some review if he or she wants to feel the real emotions after getting high from any weed strain they hit. Thus, here are some reviews from actual and ordinary cannabis users:

Most weed smokers tagged this particular cannabis hybrid as the ‘the truth’ because of the level of intensity of the high every weed user can get. If you consider yourself as one of the experienced stoners of the world- then it is a must for you to try some rolls of this specific cannabis strain. For newbie weed users, it is highly suggested to try other cannabis hybrids first to prepare for this one-of-a-kind weed someday in the future.

Some seasoned cannabis smokers gave it a five-star rating because of its medicinal value and benefits. They said that this specific weed strain could be the most appropriate cannabis hybrid that deals with depression, involuntary muscle spasms, nausea, and chronic pain. The pain of having torn rotator cuffs and shoulder tendinitis can be unbearable most of the time- but when you smoke a roll or two of this Red Dragon Strain, then miracles do happen, and you will be a believer in no time.

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