An Honest Review of the Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower Strain

An Honest Review of the Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower Strain

The Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower is one of the pioneering hemp that contains a higher CBD than THC. Because of this feature, this hemp is more medicinal than recreational. Many people, stoners or not, use it for treating body inflammation and aches without getting high or suffering side effects due to THC.

A grower from the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective, whose name is Lawrence Lingo, created the strain for four years. His primary aim was to use it personally for his backpain because he did not want to undergo traditional medications.

He created this fantastic hemp strain by crossing the NYC Diesel and the Sour Diesel or the Ferarri. The result is a hybrid, but Sativa-dominant.

The Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower is a beautiful plant. It has dense dark-green nugs with dark-green leaves with purplish undertones.

The taste is sweet and earthy with a subtle mint undertone. Many users say that it tastes tasty when vaped.

The aroma is diesel-like that has a sweet undertone. There are traces of citrus and notes of pine and wood. Users may also smell the musky buds with a tinge of sweetness.

This strain is highly prevalent in California, Michigan, and the Pacific Northwest.

Effects of the Strain

What makes CBD a great choice is that it heals without risking the users to suffer from the ‘high’ effect, which one can acquire in the THC component.

The user will instead benefit from its relaxing and clear-headed effects. This strain is excellent for alleviating anxiety and depression. Some users also use it for treating seizures.

Unlike the THC cannabis component, one can consume CBD, even in large amounts. According to the World Health Organization, there are no apparent side effects for consuming CBD, even in a large quantity. It is only dangerous when taken with other medications.

If a user takes CBD with other medications, the CBD decreases the liver’s breakdown of the medicine inside the body. Thus, it results in higher levels of the medicinal component in the body, which is unhealthy for the liver and can damage it.

The Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower can also cause dry mouth and dry eyes, which are mild. The user can counter it by drinking water and using eye drops.

Terpene Profile

The Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower contains 8 to 13 percent CBD, which is not the highest but considered an average in the market. The Delta-9 THC content is less than 0.3 percent, which is the THC amount that is legal in the US.

The myrcene in this strain provides its earthy scent. It also has terpinolene, which is a floral terpene that one can find in nutmegs and apples. The strain has pinene, a common terpene in herbs, which provides its pine scent.

Summary of Terpenes:

  • Myrcene
  • Terpinolene
  • pinene


The parents of Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower are a little mysterious, but one is for sure. One parent is the Sour Diesel. What is unknown is what the strain’s grower used to crossbreed it. It could be the NYC Diesel or the Ferrari.

This crossbreeding results in 60 percent Sativa and 40 percent Indica phenotype of this strain.


You should be an experienced grower if you want to plant the Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower. The chance of producing a high CBD level in this strain is only 25 percent. The yield is 16 ounces per square meter, whether cultivated indoors or outdoors.

The flowering time is within nine weeks. Before the flowering period, it is advisable to take some plant samples to see if it is rich in CBD or not. If you see that that it is, you should take some cuttings to grow them as clones.


CBD users, whether stoner or not, love this strain. Even though it does not make a user feel high, it is highly effective for alleviating pain and stress. It can also make a person feel happy and uplifted.

Instead of using over-the-counter analgesics, some users prefer to use this strain to ease their body pain.

Even though most people use this strain for treating pains and depression, one should treat it as a cannabis product. Moderate consumption might allow you to pass a drug test, but there is no guarantee on it.

Most users compare the Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower with the Yummy, which is another hybrid strain. The Yummy is another hybrid strain with higher THC. Its THC ratio to CBD is 1:1.

Both Yummy and the Sour Tsunami can make the user feel relaxed. However, the Yummy can make a user feel sleepier, and it also exposes the user to a few side effects. On the other hand, the Sour Tsunami Hemp Flower makes a user feel happier and uplifted.

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