A Complete Review of the Stardawg Strain

A Complete Review of the Stardawg Strain

The Stardawg strain is popular among cannabis connoisseurs because of its hardcore potency and pungency that you can notice by its scent. It is not surprising because of the above-average THC level it has.

This strain is a hybrid between the Tres Dawg, an Indica-dominant strain with Chemdawg influence, and the Chemdawg 4, which is a Chemdawg phenotype.

Many say that this strain came from the Bay Area in California, while the others say that it is from a dog bud bag from Colorado brought to Massachusetts in the early 90s. The Top Dawg Seed Company created this strain.

The Stardawg’s name is due to its frosty appearance. Trichomes covered the buds resembling the stars.

It is 60 to 90 percent Sativa, which makes it a useful strain for providing energy instead of relaxation.

The dense buds are small to medium in size and have high resin content. Its color is diesel-like. The color is dark green with orange or red-colored hairs that are not obvious because of the thick resins.

The taste is sour like diesel. It is also earthy and piney. It provides a thick smoke that induces coughing.

The smell is almost the same as its taste. The scent is sour and musky with notes of diesel fuel.

The aroma is strong and funky in a good way, although unpleasant. Cannabis enthusiasts love this kind of smell because it only proves how potent and effective this strain is. The scent also tends to linger.

Effects of the Strain

Because the Stardawg strain is Sativa-dominant, expect it provides more energy than relaxation. It gives a buzz that is head-heavy, which may last up to three hours. The effects last longer compared to the average. Therefore, if you are looking for a body-heavy kind of buzz, better look for Indica-dominant strains or other strains.

The Stardawg makes the users feel happy and euphoric, which makes it a useful strain for alleviating depression. It makes the users talkative and friendly without affecting their day’s activities.

Because it is a Sativa-dominant strain, it can make the users feel creative and focused. Users can also utilize this strain for treatment against anxiety disorders and stress.

The Stardawg can be an effective treatment against fatigue because of the high level of energy it provides. It mitigates some digestive problems, which include loss of appetite.

Users also consume this strain to prevent nausea.

This strain can be effective against mild pain. However, if you are looking for strains that can treat severe pain, you should use other strains.

Like any other cannabis, the Stardawg can cause dry eyes and dry mouth. Therefore, it is best to have a water bottle nearby when taking this strain. Include eye drops too.

For new users who are not careful, they may experience jittery, dizziness, and headache. That is why if you are a novice user, try a less potent strain before the hardcore ones.

Terpene Profile

The THC level of the Stardawg strain is 16 to 28 percent, which is above-average. The CBD content can be less than 1 percent.

Aside from the CBD and THC, this strain also contains terpenes. Some of these terpenes provide its spicy, peppery, earthy, and citrusy scents and flavors. These terpenes also give some of its therapeutic benefits like anti-inflammation and anxiety and stress relief.

Here is the summary of its terpene profile:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene
  • Humulene


The Stardawg strain is a hybrid of Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg. The children are the Travel Joint and El Perro.


This strain is advisable for beginners because it is easy to cultivate, whether indoors or outdoors. It is not tall, because the height is considered average. However, like any other strains, if you want to get the desired amount and quality of yield, maintain it with cutting and trimming.

Curing the buds in a controlled humid environment is also advisable for better results.

The flowering time is between 63 to 73 days when cultivated indoors and mid-October for outdoors. This strain provides a moderate amount of yield.


The Stardawg is advisable for morning or daytime use, especially for exercising or walking around.

Many users love the euphoria and the happiness it gives that is heavy on the head. Aside from these benefits, the strain makes one’s day productive by being able to do activities like cleaning, cooking, and shopping. A small amount of it can already last for hours.

Recreational users claim that this strain provides them a spiritual journey experience that new users might not be ready for because of their low THC tolerance. Although it is Sativa-dominant, some users claim that they can use it to induce sleepiness and to alleviate anxiety and depression.

Many users compare this strain to the Three Kings. Both of these strains can provide relaxation, although the Three Kings is better in that area.

Aside from relaxation, the Three Kings is better for uplifting mood and treating pain, depression, headaches, and inflammation.

Stardawg, on the other hand, is better for boosting appetite and providing happiness, euphoria, and focus. The Stardawg Strain is also better at alleviating stress.

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