An Honest Review of the Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain

An Honest Review of the Strawberry Cough Cannabis Strain

It can be considered unreal to realize that while the great Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ is playing on the background while you enjoy every strawberry cough puff. The great and stress-free experience while being serenaded by this contemplative-sounding song from the 1960s cannot but help ease out some tension of your burdened shoulder. As a consumer, you have the right to ensure that appearance and some standard recommendations cannot deceive you by merely arming yourself with enough information and knowledge about this strawberry cough cannabis strain.

The History, Genetics, and Origins of The Strawberry Cough

– 80% Sativa, 20% Indica

– Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 22-26%

– Cannabinol (CBN) 1%

Strawberry cough cannabis strain is considered to have a link to the Erdbeer strain. Nonetheless, the origin of strawberry cough plant has been asserted as mysterious. Looking at the specifications of this cannabis strain- under the meticulous microscope, Strawberry Cough is more or less 80% Sativa with a hint of Indica genes. According to some resources, its strawberry essence came from the fact that it was cultivated and planted on a strawberry field, and some ‘unseen’ and ‘unexplained’ process had some strawberry-gene allocation that made this cannabis harvest bears strawberry essence.

 Terpene Profile: Defining the Flavor

– Myrcene (Herbal)

– Pinene (Pine)

– Caryophyllene (Peppery)

Physical Appearance and Characteristic

The most apparent reason why this cannabis strain is called ‘strawberry cough’ is that the plant possesses the aroma of strawberry. The ‘cough’ tagline came from the fact that as you take and puff its essence, it will trigger you to cough despite its irresistible strawberry zest. Shielded with the frosty-like icing, that bears the very flavor and spirit of the plant), Strawberry Cough cannabis flowers and buds are firmly surrounded and packed by pistils that have orange dab.

 Roots of Strawberry Cough: Knowing the Mysterious Lineage

– Swiss Erdbeer

– Unknown Indica

Matured Strawberry Cough plants are usually of medium height as they develop. You know that Strawberry Cough is the weapon of choice once you go into a room because you can easily smell its strong earthy, tropical, sweet and strawberry aroma.

Growing an Indoor Strawberry Cough Fields

The hot climate is the best environment for increasing Strawberry Cough plants. All in all, Strawberry Cough cannabis strain weed can be cultivated relatively easy. What makes this cannabis plant reasonably easy to develop and plant is the fact that it is resistant to mechanical damage, bacteria, viruses, pests, and diseases as well.

It is no wonder that if you live in a tropical environment, growing and producing Strawberry Cough is abundant and thriving. You can also boost and amplified its growth by applying fertilizers (like the Flower Power). If you prefer these cannabis plants to thrive indoors, you have to use lamps that can be set to a high temperature to simulate a warm climate, and ventilation is also a must. In one square meter of space can give you 14 ounces of Strawberry Cough yield. Strawberry Cough plant can flower after more or less two months.

Having a greenhouse for indoor planting is an advantage because it can maintain the needed warm atmosphere and enough humidity for these Strawberry Cough plant to ideally thrive.

 Key pointers in planting Strawberry Cough:

– One of the best options for newbie cannabis growers (relatively easy to cultivate)

– Low maintenance, but regular pruning is needed

– Can be planted in indoor and outdoor spaces provided growers can maintain 21-30 degrees Celsius (even during nighttime)

– It takes 9-10 weeks for Strawberry Cough plant to flower

Defining the Strawberry Cough High

More or less 60% of Strawberry Cough patrons asserted that they experience feelings of being relaxed, energetic, ecstatic, uplifted, and happy. Based on studies and researches, puffing Strawberry Cough can help users deal with their fatigue, pain, depression, anxiety, and stress as well. Amongst some adverse experiences while puffing this specific cannabis strain is having a dry mouth (two out of 10 persons). Just like any commercial cannabis, smoking Strawberry Cough can also boost appetite.

In average of 10 experienced cannabis users, puffing in Strawberry Cough make them feel:

– Relaxed (4/10)

– Energetic (40/10)

– Euphoric (5/10)

– Uplifted (5/10)

– Happy (6/10)

They are also confident that smoking Strawberry Cough pot can help them deal with them:

– Fatigue (1/10)

– Pain (2/10)

– Depression (3/10)

– Anxiety (3/10)

– Stress (4/10)

Taking some assertions from various resources- Strawberry Cough cannabis plan is one of the finest Sativa strains around the world. Following this premise, every weed smoker should experience this sweet-smelling cannabis produce. Strawberry Cough’s mysterious origin adds a different flavor to every puff any stoner will take.

Some adverse effects of using Strawberry Cough may include:

– Dry/Dull Eyes (1/10)

– Dry mouth/Cottonmouth (3/10)

Living is Easy With Eyes Closed: Final Dig On Strawberry Cough (Review)

Seasoned cannabis smokers considered Strawberry Cough as their all-time favorite cannabis hybrid. They love to carry some rolls and joints of this cannabis strain during hiking, and while they are on the move or backpacking. The biggest reason is that they are enjoying a flavored strawberry pot in every puff they take.

Taking Strawberry Cough in moderation gives some cannabis clients feeling a bit giggly, relaxed, friendly, focused, alert, energetic, uplifted, and having a ‘clear head high.’ Heavy smoking of Strawberry Cough joints, according to some users, can result in some unwanted extreme sensation such as fleeting focus, hallucinations, and foggy head high.

As always, experienced cannabis users from the ‘good side’ always advised to enjoy it with lots of prudence and moderation as well.

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