Some Stuff to Consider on Your Next Session

Prepping for Weed Games Some Stuff to Consider on Your Next Session

Why Try Weed Games: Cannabis Experience Just Got Better

Smoking any cannabis joint is fun; whether you puff in weed for recreational or medical purposes- stoners should be a challenge to make the overall experience ‘creative.’ Smoking weed, based on experienced cannabis users, can push their creative level to a higher notch. Taking this premise, then it is a must for these individuals to smoke their favorite join with a bit of a twist.

Weed games can raise some eyebrows for more conservative cannabis users.  Nonetheless, if you consider yourself as a member of these conformist individuals- it is now a high time for you to extend your hands outside the box and try to convince your being to try these new ‘stages’ of fun. Anyway, whatever reasons you have why you been enjoying cannabis rolls lately- these motives must be ‘really’ out of the box.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: Items to Consider Before Trying Weed Games

The More, The Merrier- The Higher!

This item is a no-brainer. Playing games alone is boring (unless you are playing some video games, or you are just an Alpha Individual, just kidding), the idea of playing weed games on a solo mode is technically a big no-no. Of course, the possibility of you hitting in some joints today is because of some suggestions from your best friends- having them informed of your plan to have some weed games can launch the probability to 90% that your high-times just got upgrade.

One of the best games you can suggest (take note, no cannabis yet), is the ‘Keep a Straight Face’ game. This game is as easy as ABC since all you have to do is puff in some cannabis joints, then try to face your friend and try not to smile or laugh. The main idea can trigger interest for your gang, and keep your weed bonding a notch higher.

Set the Location: Where the Fun Begins

Let us consider the members of your cannabis gang are young professionals, or each one of you are working a day job, and you live independently- then half of your location issue is now 50% solved. As always, a solo stoner’s best place can be the bedroom. However, if you are concerned about your weed mob- then you must consider a different spot.

Some weed users gave some recommendations on how you can choose the best spot for your next pot session with a plot twist. If getting high outdoors is a thing for your cannabis peers, then then the garden or the patio is not a wrong choice.

Green Garden

The garden ambiance will make you feel one with the weed you are enjoying, and in no time- Mother Nature’s presence will give you all her blessings in every puff. Best weed game to consider is the ‘Bong Pong’- it is the cannabis version of the all-time favorite, ‘Beer Pong.’

Lively Living Room

If your stoner group prefers an indoor setting, your living room can be the best option for you. Considering the gadgets like music player, television, video game consoles, etc., – your living room will ‘live’ to its expectations, especially if good time starts rolling by. As mentioned, you may try the ‘Straight Face’ game in this spot, while hitting some cannabis rolls. At least, nobody would be suspecting you as crazy individuals while inside.

On second thought, you can also try this weed game outdoors, and it can be more challenging because some neighbors would see you laughing like there is no tomorrow. Anyway, you are all high to be conscious of what is going on around you.

Your ‘Penthouse’: Or Simply, the Roof

Some cannabis individuals or gangs prefer their pot sessions to be (as much as possible), away from other peeps around. Depending on your headcount, the rooftop can also be perfect for some weed games. You may try some good old card games like poker, black jack, and the like.

Your group may try playing ‘Scrabble’ with a stoner’s twist. Everybody must answer (in their turn) any acceptable word as long as it is weed or cannabis-related. As for the winners’ prize, you may give them cannabis joints they have not tried.

Always Prioritize Safety (Even When You Get High)

Smoking cannabis pot involves using fire and some related items. When you enjoy a weed session with a group, there is always a tendency to lose grip of reality, and most often than not- accidents may happen. As stoners, you must be doubly sure of safety measures in every step of the way. It would be best if you will not rely on your members regarding keeping your spot extra safe.

Trying weed games in your next cannabis session will give another level of high in your group. Planning is a crucial key for this gathering to maintain sanity under your sleeves. Anyway, as long as you make your cannabis troop happy and high- good times will keep on rolling.

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