A Review of the Sweet Tooth Strain

A Review of the Sweet Tooth Strain

Overview and Genetics

The popular Sweet Tooth strain is an Indica-dominant herb that is known for its delightful taste. Last 2000, they received an award from the High Time Cannabis Cup in the People’s Cup category. Last 2001, it became the Overall Cannabis Cup winner due to its balanced combination of Hawaiian, Afghani, and Nepalese. While in 2008, it became the Overall Canarian Cannabis Cup winner.

The Sweet Tooth strain provides long-lasting and satisfying smoke and effects. It also became an active healing agent for a variety of medical ailments throughout the years.

The Sweet Tooth contains 70% of Indica and 30% of Sativa. Its THC content is around 20%, while its CBD is 12%.

Barney’s Farm reported that this strain contains calming and mood-boosting effects for its users.

With its sedative properties, this strain is perfect for nighttime use or during your day-off. It is not the ideal strain if you want to get high on social gatherings. It aims to provide peace and tranquility for the users.


The Sweet Tooth has a green hue that is covered with bright orange hairs and sugary crystal trichomes. It is a medium size of plant with bright green and potent buds. This strain can also develop purple tinges, especially when dried.


As per its name, this strain has a delicious and sweet taste with a subtle flower and berry flavor. Truth to be told, its flavor is similar to its aroma. Once smoked, you can taste the impressive combination of forest-like, berry, and candy aftertaste.


Truth to be told, the Sweet Tooth has a sweet and fragrant aroma of candies and baked cakes. Its pleasant aroma can quickly fill your room in a few minutes. Once smoked, you will notice the combination of floral and forest-like smell.

Effects of the Sweet Tooth Strain


  • Happy: 62%
  • Relaxed: 58%
  • Euphoric: 54%
  • Uplifted: 43%
  • Creative: 30%

The pleasant effect of the Sweet Tooth strain takes a longer time to kick in compared to other strains. But once it did, you will enjoy the sensation of positivity, calmness, and relaxation. The high that you will feel is mildly euphoric, and its cerebral effects can stay in your body long enough. Therefore, you will also have a longer time enjoying your positive feelings.

According to experts, the results can last for almost three hours. In that case, you must only use it after your day is finished and there are no activities in the next hours.

Helps with…

  • Stress: 40%
  • Anxiety: 37%
  • Pain: 33%
  • Depression: 28%
  • Insomnia: 20%

You can use the Sweet Tooth strain for several medical ailments, including chronic pain, and insomnia. Throughout the years, this strain has proved its effectiveness as a pain reliever in arthritis, joint pain, and back pain. Its lazy stone also helps users to enjoy their lazy days instead of focusing on their worries and sadness. Its sedative properties is also a successful remedy for people with sleep disorders.

According to experts, people love using this strain for anxiety, headaches, glaucoma, and insomnia.

Side effects…

  • Dry mouth: 34%
  • Dry eyes: 20%
  • Paranoid: 6%
  • Dizzy: 5%
  • Anxious: 4%

Terpene Profile

  • Linalool: 2.65%
  • Caryophyllene oxide: 0.44%
  • Myrcene: 0.56%
  • Beta-Pinene: < 0.01%
  • Limonene: < 0.01%
  • Terpinolene: < 0.01%
  • Alpha-Pinene: 1.10%
  • Humulene: 0.29%
  • Caryophyllene: 0.35%
  • Terpenes total: 5.39%


  • Main parents: Nepalese and Hawaiian
  • Main children: Digweed and Sweet Cindy


  • Indica
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Height (inches): 30-78
  • Yield (Oz/Ft)²: 3-6
  • Flowering (weeks): 7-9

If you are a novice grower, the Sweet Tooth strain is highly recommended. It is effortless to cultivate. Plus, it only requires low maintenance. This strain can grow both indoor and outdoor since it has a strong immune system. This way, it is highly resistant against any pests.

Sweet Tooth has a fast flowering time that only ranges between forty to fifty-five days. Its height mostly reaches six to eight feet outdoors and three to four feet indoors.

No matter where you planted this strain, you must regularly prune it to maintain good airflow. You can also provide a fan that will help the air to circulate your grow room.

This strain can yield the best results in a cold climate. Therefore, you must keep its daytime temperature between sixty-eight to seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit.


The effects of the Sweet Tooth strain can keep you alert for longer hours compared to our Indica plants. It is an excellent option after you got home from work. Its potent Indica can be used as an analgesic while its Sativa prevents your body from being couch-locked. This strain is proven to be useful for insomniacs and patients who undergone chemical treatments like chemotherapy. According to some users, this strain also helps them to boost appetite.

According to a satisfied user, he does not fall for hybrids, mainly because of his anxiousness. But the first time he saw the potent buds and sticky crystals of the Sweet Tooth, he knew he would love it. It may not have the highest THC content, but it can really soothe your mind and pain without getting high or energetic.

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