Top 7 Best Hemp Flower for a Variety of Purposes

Top 7 Best Hemp Flower for a Variety of Purposes

Choose the best hemp flower according to your needs. Whether you need a strain rich in CBD for pain relief, for alertness, a boost in energy, there is a right hemp flower strain for you.


  • Elektra – Best All-Purpose Hemp Flower


The Elektra hemp flower strain was developed and largely grown around the Oregon area. It is known for providing a balanced effect of a focused and upbeat mental energy with calmness and physical relaxation. The balanced effect it can provide makes the Elektra the best hemp flower for all-purpose needs.

The strain can help boost the mood and treat symptoms of physical pain and aches as well as anxiety. The Elektra hemp flower is a cross between the ACDC hybrid and the Early Resin Berry, which contains high amounts of CBD, giving Elektra is 9.33 % to 15.25% CBD content.

Aside from its potent and balanced effects, Elektra is also widely favored because of its pleasant flavor and fragrance. The strain smells like dark chocolate or a high tannin Cabernet, with favors that range from earthy to citrusy and sweet mango.


  • Ringo‚Äôs Gift – Best Hemp Flower with High CBD


The strain is named after a CBD specialist and activist, Lawrence Ringo, but that is not the most amazing thing about the Ringo’s Gift. What makes it valuable for most smokers is it has an impressive 24:1 CBD to THC ratio, which is one, if not the highest CBD strain there is.

It has been largely favorite for its mellow effects that can provide cerebral activity coupled with soothing and relaxing full-body effects without causing that “couch-lock” effect like other potent strains.

The product of crossing two famous parents, ACDC and Harle-Tsu, the Ringo’s Gift, is well-known for its overall strong relaxing and uplifting effects, which is perfect for pain and stress relief.


  • Sour Space Candy – Best Hemp Flower for Social Gathering


One of the best hemp flower choices during gatherings and parties is the Sour Space Candy hemp flower. It can provide an uplifting and boost in the mood yet with mild sedation and relaxation. Aside from its festive appearance, which displays a kaleidoscope of colors in green, purple, and red hues, the flavors are also pleasant and exciting. The strain’s taste ranges from candied green apples to sour black cherry, making it an ideal strain to share with the guests for a more laid-back social gathering.


  • Harlequin – Best Hemp Flower for Alertness with Mild Euphoria


The Harlequin hemp flower strain is one of the most popular in the market, which has a typical CBD to THC ratio of 5:2, exhibiting a mild euphoria with its clear-headed alertness. It is a Sativa-dominant strain mostly known for its reliable CBD effects.

With its relatively rich CBD concentration, the strain is effective for treatments of conditions such as anxiety and pain. The flavors of Harlequin hemp flower ranges from musk and earthy to the sweet mango and boasts an ability to relax without causing sedation.

Overall, it is widely used by smokers looking for a strain to keep them alert and focused without intoxication.


  • Sweet and Sour Widow – Best Middle-Ground Hemp Flower


For smokers looking for the best hemp flower that provides a middle ground between effects that THC and CBD can provide, the sweet and sour widow can be a huge favorite. It boasts a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, offering smokers the perfect split of THC and CBD benefits without bringing them into overdrive.

The Sweet and Sour Window hemp flower strain provides an equal amount of being stoney and euphoric. And since its cannabinoid profile is balanced to a core, the strain has very modest psychoactive effects, making it ideal for use for novice smokers.

Overall, the Sweet and Sour Window induces an extreme feeling of relaxation and happiness.


  • Lifter – Best Hemp for Uplifting and Energizing Effects


A lot of active and energetic people rave about the Lifter flower hemp strain, and for a good reason. The hybrid of ERB and Suver Haze can provide an uplifting effect and a boost in energy without giving you that “couch-lock” effect.

Aside from an incredible boost in energy and mood, what fans also love about this strain is its distinctive pungent and earthy smell but sweet blueberry flavor.


  • Kush Hemp – Best Hemp Flower for Relaxing


The Kush Hemp flower strain is 100% Indica and can induce a relaxing buzz in both mind and body. This hybrid from Elite Hemp and the old-school Kush strain has been considered the best stress-busting hemp flower strain. It boasts a clove and pine taste with a citrusy to woody and diesel-like aroma. With its strong stress relieving and relaxing effects, this strain is often on a limited supply.


There are a lot of strains to choose from, but this list of the best hemp flower for various purposes should help you what would best fit your needs and preferences.

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