Useful Tips on How to Store Hemp Flower Long Term

Useful Tips on How to Store Hemp Flower Long Term

With all the appealing benefits of cannabinoid (CBD) products, keeping track of useful tips on how to store hemp flowers, oils, edibles, and all its other forms, is essential. Storing CBD the right way will preserve its potency and retain its freshness for a long time.

And because of their organic and biodegradable nature, CBD products are bound to experience a decline in quality when exposed to various elements. By using the right storage technique, hemp flower can last months or even years.

Curing Before Storing is Key

Newly harvested hemp must be dried and cured efficiently. The combination of proper curing and storage techniques are crucial in ensuring the preservation of hemp flower until it can be consumed or used.

The curing process of hemp usually takes about two weeks to six months. And although it takes lots of patience and practice, success in this step will ensure excellent output in terms of hemp quality.

Proper curing requires vacuum containers or glass jars. Here, adequately dried hemp flowers must be stored in a dark area with a humidity level of about 30 to 55 percent. Successful curing may extend the hemp flower’s shelf life of up to two years, and boost the bud’s taste and efficacy.

How to Store Hemp Flowers Long Term

In the curing process, the importance of using a vacuum type container or glass jar to store hemp flowers was established. It’s important to take note of this and apply the same when storing store-bought hemp buds or flowers.

The philosophy behind using a vacuum-sealed or airtight container is that it prevents the buds from being exposed to elements, ultimately slowing down the flower’s deterioration.

An additional tip to remember is to avoid touching the hemp flowers or exposing them to outside air unnecessarily. The CBD flower’s trichomes can be disrupted or depleted when they get peeled off, broken off, or transferred to hands or jar lids. These glands are an essential part of the hemp plant since it is where CBD and THC compounds are stored.

When storing hemp flowers long-term, there are also several factors to consider, such as:

  • Air – Exposure to air significantly affects the hemp flower’s composition and quality. Constant exposure may damage important plant glands and decrease freshness.
  • Heat – Exposure to the right amount of temperature will lengthen the hemp flower’s shelf life. In contrast, excess heat can damage CBD, affect its potency, speed up its deterioration, and promote mildew growth.
  • Light – Hemp flowers must be stored away from UV rays and light. It is ideal to store CBD in a cold dark room where degradation can be slowed down.
  • Moisture – Excessive moisture must be prevented to avoid mold growth. An environment with a relative humidity of around 59 to 60 percent is the ideal storage for hemp flowers.

A Basic Selection of Hemp Flower Containers

There are several options on how to store hemp flowers. These include glass storage containers, stainless steel containers, Mylar bags, and plastic bags. In choosing the best storage, the factors mentioned above must always be considered. Listed below are the most common containers for storing hemp flowers:

  1. Hemp Flower Glass Containers

Vacuum-sealed glass containers play a vital role in keeping moisture and bacteria out. This type of storage is most suitable for keeping CBD or hemp flowers. Since it has a solid and sturdy form, it is less prone to breakage, and the flowers won’t be easily scrunched or crushed. Dark-colored jars are best in limiting hemp flowers’ exposure to UV rays and light.

  1. CBD Stainless Steel Containers

These containers are also suitable for keeping light out. And although some do not come readily with a vacuum-sealed or airtight lid, it is possible to vacuum the air out of the container to lengthen the CBD flower’s shelf life.

  1. Mylar Bags for Hemp Flower Storage

These bags offer better light and air protection compared to transparent plastic bags. The non-transparent material prevents light from seeping through the container.

  1. Hemp Plastic Bags

Although an affordable hemp storage bag option, plastic bags are the least ideal due to its lack of protective qualities. Such a material can be easily damaged or punctured, and its transparency increases the hemp flower’s exposure to light.

Final Verdict

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to storing and preserving hemp flower. However, there is an ideal way that’s meant to prolong shelf life and maintain quality efficiently. Should there be any doubts, it is important to do your research so that you can truly discover the facts on how to store hemp flowers using the best way possible.

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