A Review of the White Buffalo Strain

A Review of the White Buffalo Strain

A cherished rarity in a stash jar of most smokers, the White Buffalo strain is best-known for providing a string blast sense of euphoria with an energetic and uplifting experience that will surprise both novice and seasoned cannabis smokers.

Check out more about this cannabis strain and all its awesome therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

Overview and Genetics

The White Buffalo strain, which is often also called the white bison strain, is a unique breed of an American bison strain that features white hair. This “sacred” strain to a lot of cannabis smokers is a cross between a pair of Indica dominant hybrid strain and a Sativa strain, the Romulan, the Blackberry Kush, and the Bay 11.

The White Buffalo strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid well-known for having a tough structure and a short flowering time akin to its complex lineage.

While the THC levels of the White Buffalo strain are debatable at the moment, it is no secret that this strain is famous for giving a powerful and quick state of euphoria to its smokers that relaxes the mind and body while also uplifting the spirits.


In terms of physical appearance, the White Buffalo strain is unlike any other strain. It features a much darker coloring than other strains, but it’s still beautiful with purple and blue hues complemented with orange hairy pistils. And once the White Buffalo strain is close to being ripe for harvest, tits glistening trichomes add to the already uniquely beautiful coloring of the buds.


With the complexity in this cannabis strain’s lineage comes complexity in its flavor as well. However, the taste of the White Buffalo strain can still be described as sweet, although it comes with notes of diesel, herbs, apple candy, and plums, to heighten every smoker’s experience. Overall, the sweet flavor of this cannabis strain comes with a kick.


Like its appearance, the fragrance of the White Buffalo strain is unlike any other cannabis strain as well. For those who haven’t used the strain before, its smell might come as odd with spice and herb overtones coupled with a hint of diesel-like aroma. It also often leaves a sweet smell in the air that usually lingers.


This cannabis strain is most popular around California, especially in Los Angeles, Davis, San Jose, Santa Ana, and Chatsworth. It is also widely available in Miami and Clearwater in Florida, in Portland and Bend in Oregon.

Effects of the Strain

The THC level of the White Buffalo strain can range from 15% to 25%, with one phenotype testing as much as 26.42% of THC, which is not for the faint of heart.

But overall, the White Buffalo strain features a euphoric cerebral high that comes on strong and instantly, giving off a tingling buzz and a pleasant mood.

Check out more of the effects and benefits of this cannabis strain.


  • Euphoric – 62%
  • Uplifted – 55%
  • Happy – 54%
  • Relaxed – 46%
  • Energetic – 43%

At first, the White Buffalo strain can give you a boost of energy, but once the high settles, it will help you come down and relax, which makes it a great afternoon or evening strain.

Medical Benefits

  • Stress Relief – 31%
  • Anti-Depression – 29%
  • Anti-Anxiety – 25%
  • Pain Relief – 17%
  • Anti-Fatigue – 16%

One of the well-known uses of the White Buffalo strain is helping people with anxiety and depression, as it is extremely potent when it comes to improving self-confidence, stabilizing the mood, and boosting happiness, as well as its anti-stress properties.

Because the White Buffalo strain has extremely strong effects, it is also often used to effectively treat a wide-ranging condition such as chronic aches and pains, redness and swelling due to inflammation, among others.

Possible Side Effects

  • Dry Mouth – 24%
  • Dry Eyes – 10%
  • Anxiety – 8%
  • Dizziness – 4%
  • Headache – 2%

The White Buffalo strain is very potent, and smokers are advised to keenly consider the dosage when using the strain. And while its side effects are most common to everyone who uses any cannabis product and in no way deadly, it might still be uncomfortable for some.

Terpene Profile

  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Limonene


  • Main Parents: Bay 11 and Romulan
  • Main Children: none


  • Difficulty – moderate
  • Height – 6 feet (max)
  • Flowering Time – 9-10 weeks
  • Yield – medium to high
  • Preferred Climate – Mediterranean climate; semi-humid

The White Buffalo strain can grow both in an indoor and outdoor environment, but that isn’t the major problem for growers. Instead, what is the most problematic about this strain for growers is the availability of the strain as it can only be grown using clippings of the original strain or clones.

What Users Are Saying

Users of this strain have described its effects like a bowling ball in the head, saying that the strain comes on very strong, although it mellows out to give them a more pleasant high. Some smokers have also recommended the use of this strain early in the morning to leverage on the smooth cerebral high it can provide for a more energetic and focused day ahead.

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