A Detailed Review of the Wife Hemp Flower

A Detailed Review of the Wife Hemp Flower

Although the genetics are undisclosed, the wife hemp flower has been one of the most preferred strains because of its rich CBD content. It produces as soothing but potent effects of CBD that are noticeable even from the first hit.

However, the high CBD concentration isn’t the only advantage of the wife hemp flower. This strain is also one of the most fragrant and tasty out there with its earthy and fruity taste, and smell with hints of flavors of cherries and banana.

Check out more about this physically-soothing hemp flower strain. It wasn’t called “the wife” for no reason.


When it comes to lineage and origin, the history of the wife hemp flower is vague. There is no literature or news where and how the wife came to be.

What it is mostly known, however, are its potential effects as a CBD-dominant strain. In most phenotypes, this hemp flower may contain as much as 20% of CBD with only 1% or less amount of THC, which is an impressive CBD-to-THC ratio. With that, users of this hemp flower can ensure to maximize the effects of CBD without any psychoactive effects from THC.

Smoking this flower will offer stable and controlled effects, without any room for involuntary, giggly, and floaty behavior.

This strain wasn’t called “the wife” for no reason. Its name mainly comes from its potent effects that whip the smoker in shape even after the first hit, just like what a wife does. Smoking this strain will impart an extreme relaxation, keeping the smoker calm and collected without the other complexities that the user can get from other CBD strains.

Potency Profile Breakdown


  • CBD: 14% to 20%
  • THC: less than 0.3%


Terpene Profile

The terpene profile of the strain varies greatly depending on the harvest techniques and climate control during cultivation.

Appearance, Fragrance, and Flavor Profile

This hemp flower boasts glistening green buds that are dense and tight. It features a pleasant fragrance with a hint of fuel and little skunk. On the first smoke, this strain will taste sweet with a floral fragrance that blends perfectly well with flavors of sugary sweets, tropical fruit, and berries. Overall, the wife hemp flower provides an extremely aromatic experience that fascinates all the senses.

However, as it settles, users can often taste a hint of mild skunky-ness that often drags towards the end of the smoke.

With its pleasant flavor and smell, the wife hemp flower can be a pleasurable experience at the start. However, it can become a bit rugger and hard-hitting in the long run until the finish, which might overwhelm the senses of novice smokers.

But overall, this strain boasts a blend of different flavors that creates an excellent experience throughout the end. Plus, it’s set of incredible effects are enough to accept the mild skunky-ness that comes with it.

Effects and Benefits


  • Relaxation
  • Strong sense of control
  • Increased energy levels
  • Elevated focus


One of the first things that users will feel after smoking the wife hemp flower is an enhanced sense of calm and relaxation, which takes over the entire body, both in the muscle and the mind. It erases the worry and stress to help get moving through the day.

By far, the most potent effect of this hemp flower is relaxation, which takes around 90% of its effects on the user. The rest of its benefits can be subtle, which can be obvious for some smokers, but others won’t be able to notice.

Especially for first-time users or those more sensitive to its effects, the wife hemp flower can also provide an increased energy level, slightly-elevated focus, and a mild sense of happiness and uplift in the mood.

Medical Benefits

With its soothing, potent, and relaxing effects without any heightened psycho effects, this hemp flower is mostly used to alleviate the symptoms of various conditions such as migraine, nausea, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. The relaxing effects of the strain also help people who are undergoing chemotherapy.


Parent Strains: undisclosed

Children Strains: Trophy Wife, Cherry Wine

Growing and Cultivation

This strain is a big grower, which makes it ideal for growing in an outdoor environment with a wise spacing. The seeds of this strain can be cultivated directly in the soil with four to five feet centers. As it grows, topping several times can also help maximize the production of this strain per acre.

One of the best ways to make sure that all the female plants of this strain contain the highest possible content of CBD is to plant its clones, which are genetically identical to its mothers with the highest CBD content and are all females.


Although this hemp flower is not the most motivating strain in the market, a lot of users rave about how it can provide a strong sense of control and relation, which helps stimulate them to get a job done. In that case, the wife hemp flower makes an excellent choice for users who are looking for a strain to help face the day head-on.

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