A Willie Nelson Weed Review Guide

A Willie Nelson Weed Review Guide

The Reeferman Seeds created the Willie Nelson weed. It got its name from a country musician named Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson is a respectable figure in the world of cannabis. He is a cannabis activist who fought for the legalization of marijuana for years. He is also an advisory board co-chairman at the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

Because of Nelson’s love for cannabis, he founded his own company in 2015 that sells marijuana products.

As for the weed that pays homage under his name, the Reeferman Seed bred this strain for him. According to the rumors, Willie Nelson tried this strain once and bought the entire first crop.

The effects of the Willie Nelson weed are fitting to its name because this strain is famous for giving creative and euphoric effects. It also allows the users to be friendly and artistic like the singer himself.

Not surprisingly, the strain won the High Times Cannabis Cup as the Best Sativa in 2005.

The Reeferman Seed created this strain by breeding the Sativa landrace strains from Highland Nepal and Vietnamese Black, making this is strain 60 percent Sativa.

The appearance of this strain is dark-green and grayish. The flowers are conical in shape, and trichomes cover the big and dense buds.

This strain has red-orange pistils that also cover the plant. Its appearance resembles the description in one of Willie Nelson’s albums called the “Red-Headed Stranger.” Although this strain looks like a red-headed stranger, another strain used this name as another homage to the country singer.

The notable smell and flavor of this strain is sour and sweet, which can remind you of lemongrass and pine. These flavors are evident upon the exhale of the smoke.

According to some users, they can sense an undertone of pepper or pineapple. Others say that they can smell a fusion of earthy aroma too.

Effects of the Strain

Because the Willie Nelson weed is Sativa-dominant, you can expect a clear-headed kind of high that does not cause a couchlock effect. Instead, it makes the users feel giggly, happy, euphoric, and uplifting, which makes it an ideal strain for anxiety disorders and depression.

Aside from these emotional benefits, this strain is highly popular for making the users feel creative and focused. Therefore, the Willie Nelson is a perfect strain for artists who are looking for inspiration and motivation.

Because the Willie Nelson weed is Sativa-dominant, expect a boost of energy too. It also induces appetite, which is helpful for users with eating disorders. It is a useful strain for managing mild pains. Some users consume this strain to ease the effects of glaucoma and nausea.

However, the Willie Nelson is like any other strains that can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. Therefore, it is best always to hydrate yourself when taking this strain. Also, keep eye drops in your pocket.

The more severe side effects are dizziness, headache, and paranoia, which only appear when the users overconsume this strain.


The Willie Nelson weed contains 18 to 22 percent THC, which is above the average level, and 0.05 percent CBD.


The parents of the Willie Nelson are two landrace Sativas which are Highland Nepalese and Vietnamese Black.


It is best to raise the Willie Nelson indoors or in a greenhouse, although outdoor cultivation can be successful sometimes.

This strain is tall, but resistant to diseases and molds.

To acquire the desirable yield and flavors, you need to observe extreme maintenance is necessary. Topping at a 45-degree angle is advisable, and FIMming is also an ideal method to encourage the growth of multiple colas.

The recommendations for growing the strain is the Sea of Green (SOG) and the Screen of Green (Screen of Green) methods. By using these techniques, you allow the inner and lower parts of the plants the exposure to sunlight and air. To make the light and air circulations better, prune your plant too.

The average yield of the strain is 18 ounces per square meter. Outdoor cultivation can produce 22 ounces.

The flowering time is between 10 to 14 weeks when grown indoors, while it is November for outdoors.


It is advisable to use this strain in the daytime. Because of the high level of THC, novice users should be careful taking this strain or better look for other milder weeds.

Many users love using the Willie Nelson to combat stress, depression, and anxiety. Others use it before exercising or doing some creative activities.

Many users compare the Willie Nelson to the Pot of Gold strain. Although these strains provide incredibly different effects, both of them can cause dry mouth at the same level.

However, the Pot of Gold leans more on giving relaxing benefits than the energetic ones. That is why the Pot of Gold is a better option if you are looking for a strain that will make you feel relaxed and sleepy. It is also a better choice for pain relief.

The Willie Nelson is a better option if you are looking for a strain that will make you feel creative, energetic, happy, and uplifted. The Willie Nelson weed is a better option for stress relief.

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